Stories surrounding the Premier League are never in short supply and the conveyor belt of chatter gives the tabloids plenty to chat about on a week-to-week basis. What is going on around the game has almost as much effect on the pitch as it does off it and getting this into your head when choosing a lineup is crucial.

Paper talk

Newspapers have a huge effect on the way that sport is consumed in the UK and your lineups must be adjusted accordingly. Tabloids are often the first and only place you hear all about the private lives of players and this kind of knowledge brings a very different edge to choosing a team.

Assessing the information on whether or not it is believable is the dilemma you will encounter. Seeing a player stumbling out a night club whilst smoking a cigarette at 3am is one thing, whereas another story about someone’s marriage collapsing is something else. Whilst one will see almost certainly see a player dropped from the match day squad, the other situation will see the player continue playing but performance levels could change. It’s down to you to decide whether or not to choose these players.

Mind games

Managers have increasingly been using mind games as a way of getting under the skin of those in the opposing dugout and players are often at the centre of what’s being discussed. Managers will often mention the names of one of their own players in an attempt to provoke a reaction in the next game and this can have a knock on effect for daily fantasy soccer teams.

On the other side of things, managers make comments about opposing players in an attempt to unsettle them in advance of an upcoming fixture. This can have one of two effects. The first is to make the player misfire or it works in the opposite way and embellishes the performance. To better understand the effect this has on an individual, you can make notes on how players have reacted to this in the past.

In Conclusion

By consuming the myriad of media sources out there whether or not a soccer match is about to take place, you can get a very good idea of how teams and players will perform on a given matchday. Certain managers react very differently depending on the situation and deciphering this can give you a great idea about who should be in your lineup.