Jose Mourinho, manager of the Chelsea Soccer club in the English Premier League since 2013. He is also known as a well-versed bloviate whose after-match interviews are worth keeping the channel tuned.

This is Jose Mourinho's derp face. Ladies, he's lookin' at you.
This is Jose Mourinho’s derp face. Ladies, he’s lookin’ at you.

But I digress. Mourinho has seen fit to have a chat with BBC Sport about how great he is.  I’m not going to even waste a #slowclap on this one. And no, that reference doesn’t count. NO #SLOWCLAP FOR YOU, MOURINHO!!!

So Mourinho went on the record by saying that he’s “happy” only a few managers in the English Premier League can match his success. Meh. You just tied with Southampton. You’ve been sputtering atop the English Premier League for weeks and just got knocked out of this years’ UEFA Champions league.

Mourinho explained his elation in a recent BBC Sport article, “”My happiness, first of all, is when I compare myself with the others. I see just a few that are with me in terms of success.” Nice to know, he’s constantly comparing himself to others. Oh the insecurity of man. But in all honesty. Does he wake up and stare at himself in the mirror in the morning and ever have to say the following self-reassuring mantra?


Yes, Mourinho, you might be good enough. You might also be smart enough. But I doubt people like you.

Unless you’re a Chelsea fan. Chelsea fans find their team atop the English Premier League…at the moment. Dare I say the Blues are teetering…at best.

The poor Chelsea fans also find themselves at the short and narrow end of a draw against Southampton this past weekend. Really? Southampton? Drawing against a team that you have out spent and out played all season is simply pathetic. Me believes you should have had another goal or two in you before the end of 90 minutes… at home.

“The Others” of which Mourinho speaks in his BBC Sport interview just so happen to be a collection of some of the most vaulted and acclaimed soccer managers in the known world. I don’t know if they have a soccer league on Sentari 7, but I bet they don’t have the kind of managerial talent that the English Premier League has within its ranks. Mourinho speaks of them as mere hindrances toward his ultimate goal and conquest. I believe it otherwise.

Evidently shouting at the air is considered active management by Mourinho. Meh.
Evidently shouting at the air is considered active management by Mourinho.

Wenger is posed to strike – if only he can keep the Gunners healthy.

Van Gaal is currently managing a Manchester United team that dismantled a stout Tottenham team without giving up a goal on a lineup untested and brand new. A tall task in the English Premier League.

If Chelsea is so good? Then why have they been shown the door by Paris St. Germain from the UEFA Champions League? Silence is golden and somewhere Zlatan is pouring a tall glass of satisfaction.

So, Jose Mourinho don’t ever think you are so tall that they can’t touch your toes. You just drew against a team that you should have beat by two goals on a Sunday afternoon in which you found only one point to stay atop an unsteady perch.

In closing, Mourinho, yes, you just might be atop the league at the moment, but there are a few more weeks to go and humility is a lesson learned over a long period of time.

So, Mourinho…this ones for you.

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