(PTFC) – After a bit of independent research, the Californian’s mind was made up to support Thistle and, much to the club’s surprise, called Ian Maxwell directly to get the wheels in motion. Since that initial conversation Shrigley has maintained his involvement and has designed a unique Kingsford logo which will adorn the front of Thistle’s shirts and be featured prominently around the stadium.  

In addition, a new Shrigley-designed mascot, named Kingsley, will be in attendance on match days. Wilkins, who is already a shareholder in the recently crowned NBA champions, Golden State Warriors, can’t wait for the new deal to start so he can get more involved with his first ever Scottish partnership.


Alright, you just unloaded 6 figures into a random Scottish Premiership futbol squad… GIMME A WHIFF OF THAT NEW MASCOT SMELL!

Hunter, drum roll please.
















Go Jags! If there’s one thing that puts asses in the seats, it’s misshapen-unibrowed sun mascots that definitely fell off the set of a Gorillaz music video. I bet the prominently displayed jersey logo is freakin sweet too..




YUP! Is #DownToBusIness trending yet? Just a matter of time at this point. So long Jaggy MacBee you stupid loser TIME FOR YOU TO BUZZ OFF.




It’s not about fun and games and nonthreatening mascots in the Scottish Premiership. It’s about…. well actually I have no clue what it’s about but this is the club’s new slogan




Kingsley, you NAILED it! Now please go away, you’re straight up terrifying dude.