So many legendary matchups between Vanuatu and Micronesia to reflect on but this was definitely my favorite. PACIFIC GAMES GOIN’ HARD IN THE MFing PAINT YO! Granted Micronesia only learned about this sport 18 months ago but there is NO mercy in Olympic Qualifiers. Sometimes there aren’t even goals.

Like literally…. Micronesia didn’t score during the entire tournament. How many suicides does a team run after giving up 114 goals in 3 days? Also what happens when your scorekeeper says NAHHHHHHHH and peaces out in the middle of a game? Micronesia, The Most Fascinating Futbol Team In The World..




Just remember Micronesia, when you come at the 200th ranked FIFA Team in the world…. YOU BEST NOT MISS. Also try to put the round ball through the square net, that’s the point of the entire game.