There’s a 99% chance this was completely fake and edited to make Messi look like the most butthurt futballer on the planet. I’m holding out hope for that 1% though, mainly because this was just hilarious. Even if it’s simply fake subtitles on an old Messi interview, I still love this.

GUARANTEED Messi would say all of this stuff candidly anyway and regardless all the comments about the trailer are completely true. I understand it’s probably hard to not come off as arrogant when you’re promoting a movie about YOURSELF, but to say Ronaldo’s trailer was over the top would be a massive understatement.

For a guy that hasn’t won bloody anything in January, it’s an awful lot of hot air. Now that Messi is injured maybe this is the year Ronaldo and Real Madrid bring home the Spanish bacon.









PS The subtitles were a nice touch but if you really wanna impress re-editing a video, always start with a foundation of Creed. Add in some guttural noises and BAM! Internet magic…