Bad news coming outta Sepp Blatter’s playground y’all… FC Barcelona’s most beloved treasure Lionel Messi went down after knocking knees with a defender and unfortunately it’s one of those worst case scenarios. Messi suffered a tear in his MCL and will be down for at least 6-8 weeks.

This is Messi’s first serious injury since his hamstring troubles in late 2013 and it’s definitely a huge blow to Barcelona. Some (insane) people argue they play better without Messi on the field although there’s no denying, it SUCKS not having this magic on the pitch..



Not sure when surgery is but I am a little confused here. When NFL players tear their MCL they’re out for the year…  he’s like rubbing some dirt on it and waiting a few days. Messi really does have some kind of magic to him I guess…

He didn’t share his secrets to the media though so we’ll just have to sit here and wait for Messi to get rolling again. Hopefully it’s sooner than later!