So proud seeing our American women absolutely dominating zee Germans and punching their ticket to the World Cup Final with style. Those highlights are filling me up with all sorts of USA joy and I CANT WAIT for this match on July 5th. Gonna be partying harder than I will on Independence Day and that’s REALLY saying something.

Landon Donovan is also ready to rage but more importantly let his inner rage be heard. Subtlety…oh soooo subtlety.


If Jurggy had a Twitter I imagine he’d say something like


 “. @landondonovan #butthurt #ROFLcopter”




Although the Jurger can’t defend himself in the Twitterverse, the Pale Ginger Knight can AND WILL..


Also some solid assists from the Knights of the Roundball Table..



If the Women’s National Team pulls it off maybe they can give Landon a participatory medal or something. Unless you’re deciding the Men’s National Team Roster, how can you say no to this face?