There are a lot of things that aren’t human. Animals, rocks, aliens… oh, and Lionel Messi.

Last night, the U.S. Men’s National Team went up against Argentina in the Copa America Semi-Finals. The final score? 4-0 in favor of Argentina. While many may say the United States just isn’t good enough to compete against the top teams, we all need to recognize how dominant the Argentinians actually were. Even if you put Cristiano, Pele, and a brick wall as your goalie, you probably couldn’t stop them. Keep in mind, Messi was involved with (basically) EVERY GOAL. Let’s recap:


Three minutes in and Messi chips a beauty of a ball to his friend, Lavezzi. Okay, you’ve caught our attention.


This couldn’t be more top shelf even if it was the most expensive liquor in the world. WE’RE NOT WORTHY.


No goal or assist on this one. But look closely. There’s number 10 sniffing around the goal just in case there’s a freak bounce off the post. He’s in the vicinity, so it counts.


And let’s top it all off with a casual interception and the most generous of assists. Of course he could’ve slotted this in himself, but that would be human instinct… and Messi IS NOT a human.