I’m all about the soccer action right now. Yes, NBA is the bread and butter for daily fantasy action these days. And Soccer fans have but a few weeks left of roundball; internationally speaking. I know, I’m only encouraged by the shine of the sun as the winter months flutter from the calendar.

Soccer! MLS! Orlando City! OMG!!! SQUEEE!!!
Soccer! MLS! Orlando City! OMG!!! SQUEEE!!!

Bring on a new style of roundball. Bring on the beautiful American game.

Major League Soccer is kicking off this past weekend. With the new season we have two new teams. New matchups and new broadcast deals finally exporting America’s version to the United Kingdom. I’m digging the momentum. Yes, I’m watching the inaugural match between Orlando City and New York City FC, but remember folks, soccer is a game of endurance AND speed; so the proof will be in the pudding. (Great, now I want pudding…but all I got is Activia.) Besides, I remember being just a young pup watching the 1994 World Cup.

Orlando City and New York City FC are the new clubs joining the MLS. I’m going to admit it, we’ve got a long way to go, but for soccer fans this year is packed with potential and it is a far cry from 21 years ago. Soon we could see daily leagues sprouting up everywhere. I’m down for it. Let’s get it on.

Alas, don’t worry, Draftkings has the DFS Soccer addict covered with a number of Champions League matchups and many weeks remaining in the English Primer League season. (So we’ve got fun left in the season.) But soccer is year round these days and there is a vacuum in the daily fantasy world without the MLS included.

I’m not trying to bite the hand that feeds; but I’ll gnaw a knuckle or two if I’m allowed.

Frankly, the dynamic aspects of the game are not lost on the American version. Granted we don’t have the superstar-power that the EPL and La Liga have, but it’s a goal to work toward and daily fantasy leagues can move it forward.

I believe that makes for a more challenging form of daily fantasy sports, which in turn will bring attention to the sport and encourage growth. Why do we want to focus on the marquee names, if you dig into the stats and trends you just might be able to find something truly worthy of the skill you’ve developed as a daily fantasy player. I know I enjoy the challenge; my bank account maybe not so much, but either way, I’m up for it. And something tells me, if you’re reading this far; so are you.

So what, if you don’t know the names of 80% of the players in the MLS. That’s part of the challenge. You’ve got to really dig in. You’ve got the ground floor to walk into. You’ve got to invest in this. Too bad it’s in your back yard.

So with the barstool market research done on this topic. Lets do something about it.

Tweet, share, and post about it. And when you do, cover it in hashtags like your middle school trapper-keeper. If you DFS; they will come.

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