“It’s snap, crackle, pop….An absolute GLITTERBOMB of a goal! Staggering accuracy, UNBELIEVABLE powah!!!”


The usual soccer announcer stereotype is always fast talking foreigners who are itchin every second of the match to just belt out




Ray Hudson however is more of a renassiance man so he went with the ol standby of




Works like a charm everytime. Even if this is absolutely true..



It was the definition of a laser snipe outta nowhere so the reaction is well deserved. Now Chile is moving on to the Copa America Final where they will face the winner of Argentina and Paraguay. Edu better stuff some Glitterbombs in his pockets for that one.

Since the Copa America’s inception in 1916, Chile is one of three South American countries to never win the Tournament… Yo 100 year curse, PREPARE TO GET GLITTERBOMBED YO!