So, I’ve taken a few days to try and absorb the current status of the FIFA Corruption Scandal. Here’s a rough list of the most recent cray-cray.

FIFA paid Ireland € 5million to avoid legal action over a handball committed by Theirry Henry in a 2009 World Cup playoff. I dare you to try and find another better example of “hush money.”

Sepp Blatter was “re”elected, then “re”signed in about 72 hours. He barely had time to get his parking validated before he left the building.

Blatter stepped down after a close aid of his was specifically mentioned in papers detailing a bribe of $10 million. That’s a pile of cash to just magically get in exchange for doing nothing so the odds ae good that it had to trickle up to the “Big Blatter.” Hey, that’s a good nickname…perhaps even a code word for the funky Swissman.  Turns out the FIFA corruption not only spanned the globe, but they also liked to use their own coded language. They like to call the bribes, “development money” for their “patronage” system. This whole story is unfolding like the movie Casino.

The African FIFA member nations don’t seem to have any problem with how Blatter ran FIFA. This is summed up best by taking a quick look at the blood diamond trade and understanding the saying, “This is Africa.”

Russia and the 2018 World Cup. Yeah, people said the same things about Sochi…and they were likely right about Sochi too.

Qatar 2022 World Cup. Have you ever shot a potato gun? Fired it across a large field using trajectory to hit a target far away? Did you follow the slow arch of the projectile traveling through the air? Did you find it fascinating how the potato exploded all over the place once it hit the target or the ground? Yeah, this World Cup is likely to be a ridiculous hot mess. There are rumblings that if further corruption is uncovered Qatar will have to face some serious financial downturns as its stock market took a 3% drop on the intial release of the FIFA corruption news . The games could even be revoked; that could destroy this little nation. Qatar has taken indignation to a whole new level and accused the world of being racist because Qatar is an Arab nation. Yeah, that makes sense. It couldn’t be the 140-degree temperatures in the summer or the estimated over 1,200 worker deaths to date on building the stadiums for the 2022 games.

But all that pales in comparison tot he latest from Former FIFA Vice-President Jack Warner. He recently hit us with a “gloves off” threat and promised an “avalanche” of documents and proof of the overwhelming corruption ongoing at FIFA. Check the previous link for the play-by-play from the Guardian. It’s worth the read.

Where do we sit now? FIFA is in disarray. New elections are expected sometime after December 2015. The Women’s World Cup is about to kick off in Canada.

What’s next? I’m expecting Edward Snowden to release some uber-cray-cray FIFA documents that the NSA had.

But take heart, somewhere there is a kid kicking a soccer ball in a glass and trash-strewn empty lot who is going to one day help us forget about the corruption of today.

Till next time, consider your paycheck “development money.”