With confidence that would make Don Corleone blush, FIFA has just announced there will be no compensation to the European Soccer Clubs that will lose their best players for at least four weeks in the early-winter of 2022.  It’s okay if you don’t share my outrage; not many people do.

In Soviet Russia, BALL KICKS YOU!

ABC News regurgitated an Associated Press report here. I am regurgitating my thoughts below. You’re welcome; even though you don’t appreciate me.

“FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke rejected calls to compensate wealthy European clubs for disruption to their seasons, and refused to apologize for a November-December tournament in the Gulf emirate’s cooler months.”

Really. FIFA just soup-nazi’d virtually every Premier League Club as well as the Bundeslige Clubs. Listen, FIFA it’s one thing to tick off the English but I’d avoid hair-lipping the Germans. They have a “history.”

Leaders of the two major european football leagues sounded off via a report in Eurosport.

“English Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore said there was little discussion during Tuesday’s meeting.

We were pretty much just told, hence the disappointment,” he said.

The German Football League (DLF) said it was concerned about the players.

“Staging the World Cup in November/December is an organisational as well as a financial burden for European leagues,” DLF managing director Andreas Rettig said.

“One also has to take into account the strain on top players. A shortened match plan cannot mean that there will be the same number of games to be played in a shorter period of time.”

Virtually all of the major professional soccer leagues will be affected by FIFA’s money grab…err, I mean strategic shift of …wait yeah, it’s a total money grab.

So in a very French way FIFA just mic-dropped this news on the very clubs that support and promote the very international world-sized soccer tournament every four years. It also just happens to also sap away all the major soccer superstars THAT GIVE US ALL A REASON TO WATCH.

Yes, yes. I know patriotism goes a long way, but if patriotism was the only reason we watched the World Cup then we’d end every tournament with a fresh invasion of a little-known oil producing or internationally strategic country. Wait. Did that…nevermind. BACK TO THE SPORTS!

FIFA is the fat-kid eating everyone’s lunch in kindergarten.

And nobody can do a thing about it.

And we have nothing to counter it.

FIFA is chomping down on those banging lunchables while the rest of us are trying not to get picked last for kickball.

Makes you want to ignore the World Cup, right? Too late, the Women’s World Cup kicks off this summer in Canada. And Yes, we’re going to watch. I’m planning on writing about it. Because I love this sport; I just hate FIFA.

Till next time, hate FIFA and follow me @deepdfspicks.