If I was a superstar athlete this is all I’d do. Just clowning average fools in the streets and making kids dreams come true outta nowhere. Seemed like Ronaldo really enjoyed it too, probably because he hadn’t been left alone in public like that since I dunno ETERNITY.

I think he’s okay with how things have turned out though..


(ESPN) – With the pair becoming inseparable over the years, you perhaps won’t be surprised to learn that Cristiano Ronaldo was given best man duties at his agent’s wedding over the weekend. According to Portuguese news source Move Noticia, the Real Madrid superstar gave his agent not a customary toaster, kettle or food processor, but an entire Greek island.

Indeed, it is said that Ronaldo may have paid anywhere between €3 million and €50m to purchase the land, with Greece currently selling off many of its islands in a bid to ease the financial situation in the country.



Can’t expect Ronaldo to buy everyone an island but hopefully he does a homeless footie-wizard encore. There are kids out there that need futbols man! And I’m pretty sure this girl would murder for a mulligan..


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