Things are getting hot n heavy in the great Northwest! Really just a typical match between the Seattle Sounders and Portland Tiiiiiiimbers until Referee Daniel Radford went REFEREEEEE on everyone’s ass and booted 2 Sounders players via red card. Dempsey didn’t take kindly to the second ejection and decided what the hell I THINK I’LL JOIN MY BROTHERS.

What a power move by the true emerald gem of Seattle. Not sure I’ve ever seen a soccer player snatch a scorecard right from the ref’s hand and make it rain right in his grillpiece. Love it. Referee Radford however was not so rad and immediately sent Dempsey to the showers. How’s it feel to besmirch an American Hero bro? Zebras are the absolute worst. CLINT DEMPSEY IS THE BEST!




PS: While the Sounders were battling the officials and the elements the Columbus Crew were enjoying the best rain delay ever! Headball FTW


Found time for the Header Challenge during our two hour delay last night. Haha. #RLdesignz @rldesignz #CrewSC

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