capitals fire

Hey guys, is this good?

Capitals Fire

Asking for a friend.

Anyways, Barcelona faced Getafe today in a La Liga fixture at Camp Nuo — and it was not just a massacre, it was one of those “GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY, GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!! THAT KILLED HIM” WWE Jim Ross-esque Barcelona massacres. Like, we all know how good these guys are — i’s no surprise when they beat up on bottom-of-the-table La Liga teams like they did today … but, every time we watch Barce — we don’t expect them to just win, we expect them to be “Special”.

Today they were just that…

…and some.

Lionel Messi, Luis Suárez, and Neymar scored 5 total goals in the first 47 minutes of the fixture — and they were all FILTHY, displaying fundamental brilliance that you would normally only see in a ‘FIFA’ video game when you turn the difficulty setting down to ‘Easy’.

The first example of   O___o    came when Messi found Suarez with a ridiculous cross, which Luis not only converted before it hit the ground … he did so without even looking at the net.

Next, it was Neymar’s turn to contribute to the Barcelona AND 1 Mixtape…

…and even Xavi got into the act with this ludicrous bender.

Did someone say “ludicrous bender?”

And of course, last but certainly not least: Messi the Magnificent

Good Lord, Barcelona is a freight train from hell.

R.I.P. Getafe, we hardly knew you…