A recent post of mine featured Joe Hart the dynamo goalie for Manchester City and how he withstood a blistering assault by the Barca Three Amigos: Messi, Neymar, and Suarez.

In this post I’m going to shift gears and focused on a goalie that has suffered a terrible season thus far.

Tim Howard.

Tim Howard has lost the "Fear the Beard" confidence he had during the recent World Cup, but he could reset for the remainder of the EPL season.
Tim Howard has lost the “Fear the Beard” confidence he had during the recent World Cup, but he could reset for the remainder of the EPL season.

The Everton and USMNT goalie has faced a series of terrible outings during this season. Leading some commentators to speak of relegation. #toosoon

Most recently an assault of painful proportions against Dynamo Kiyv. 5-2 was the final score. Broken was the heart. And I am not an Everton fan. I do confess to being a Tim Howard admirer.

The Kiyv match scoreline shows Howard faced a full automatic assault in the UEFA Europa League match this week. Kiyv’s scoring happened in the 21, 35, 37, 56, and 76 minutes. That is virtually automatic gunfire in the soccer world.

I blame Howard’s defenders. Yeah, those guys that are “supposed” to stand between Howard and the legs of the strikers.

Unfortunately, this throws under the bus one of my favorite players – purely based in the guys name – Seamus Coleman. It just feels like this group of defenders just can mount a stable front. Also note, Defender Phil Jagielka scored a goal for Everton; the other was credited to Romelu Lukaku. Normally when your defenders are in a position to score, its a fire sale on the overall strategy for the match.

Lukaku has just weighed in on the subject and called for Everton to move on from this season. Lukaku expressed his frustration with the early exit from the Europa league, but sets his sights on the remainder of the Premier League matches. A novel idea. Lukaku has been a sole bright spot this season and its arguable that Everton would be in a better spot in the English Premier League but for its shoddy defense.

Back to the beating. Howard saw 9 shots on goal against Kiyv. They scored 5 goals. Do the math. That’s bad for Howard. Something’s gotta break for Everton. Either they get the miscommunication fixed or they crumble and we see Howard transferred stateside to an MLS team. Frankly, that’s not a demotion at this point. Dare I say, we Americans would love to see Howard come home and dominate. He’s a 36 year-old goalie. Time is a cruel mistress and I believe Howard needs to be praised, not buried. And I fear there is only a tomb for Howard if he stays in Everton.

The bright spot this week is Everton faces the hapless Queens Park Rangers. With any luck Howard can marshall the defense and reclaim some confidence.

I guess this makes Tim Howard my #deepdfspick for the EPL this week.

Till next time, I believe that we will win and follow me @Deepdfspicks.