This week is about respect. The giving more than the taking. We ask so much of our heroes and when they give us something different it hits home.

Here are a few recent examples.

I’m not a huge LeBron fan. I guess I’m still washing out the whole “decision” debacle and the subsequent Miami Vice theme down in South Beach. Frankly, I’m a little jealous of the weather down there right now. However, will all the endorsements, massive contracts, and the accolades we found out that LeBron is human after all.

This past week, in the middle of a game, LeBron noticed something. There was a young mentally disabled man being recognized during the timeout. LeBron noticed something small; his shoes.

In fact, LeBron’s shoes on the feet of this young man.

No, this young man didn’t sneak into the Cav’s locker room and snatch a pair of LeBron’s size 15’s. But they were still LeBron’s shoes. The Nike Flyease shoes are a specific model that LeBron and  Nike designed with the limitations people with disabilities have in the often taken for granted act of tying one’s shoes. Seems rather unimportant to many but it is an incredible challenge for many.

These days everyone has a pair of Lebron’s. They are as ubiquitous as Jordan’s. But LeBron noticed something special. This kid, clad in a Celtics jersey, was wearing LeBron’s shoes. The often derided and criticized LeBron shed his armor for but a few moments and walked over to the young man -in the middle of the game – and thanked the young man. He patted him on the head and congratulated him! In an arena filled with fans clamouring for blood and sweat, LeBron came down to earth and showed us all what being human is like.

See for yourself.


Why? LeBron said, “ I felt like I was a part of him.”

Let’s unpack that for a moment. This magnificent specimen just felt like he was a part of a young man who struggles with difficulties that many of us cannot fathom. Next time when I think I’ve had enough, I must remember that I don’t have it nearly as bad as some. I recommend we all take a few moments and think on that during this season.

Thank you for reminding us, LeBron.

Abby Wambach retired this past week from international soccer. A mainstay of international women’s soccer for years, she has been the cornerstone of every recent memory of professional women’s soccer glory in the eyes of our otherwise soccer-blind society.

She’s walking away. From the glorious headers that sealed the fate of so many rivals.

She’s walking away. From the applause and cheers; critics and condemnations.

She’s walking away and she wants you to forget her. Because to remember is to pine for the past that is gone. She wants you to look forward and build something greater.

I agree. Keep it rolling forward.

Thank you, Abby.

Okay, I know this edition has been a little more serious than expected, but I felt it was important to get these little tidbits out before the end of the year.

Here’s my final bite at the apple.

Bryce Harper is paid mountains of money to swing a bat, catch a ball, and set fire to the baseball diamond. But it turns out he can also sing – or at least lip-sync. And recently he made one little girl feel very special during the recent Nationals Winterfest in DC.

Granted it’s not much. But it was something special, if only to that little baseball fan.

Thank you, Bryce.

Yes, these are just a few instances of our heroes coming down to earth and showing us something real. More real than the unbelievable feats they accomplish in the arena’s and playing fields.

Till next time, keep it 100.