Tuesday Soccer Alert

We had a very low scoring week in the DKFC this past Saturday as the winning score barely cracked 100. Hopefully we see more goals on Tuesday with a four game EPL slate going on. Links to some of the tournaments are below and they have been filling fast, so get in on the action here:

$10,000 Equalizer at $27 buy in

$4500 Nutmeg at $2 buy in

Position Breakdown

Goal Keeper

We had three useable keepers this weekend and all of them were very low owned. The best play on the day was Crystal Palace Keeper Julian Speroni who finished with 20 DK points. He was $4500 and only 2% owned in the largest pool Nutmeg against a horrible Leicester side and had a Clean Sheet win with five saves to be the top scorer and best value on the day. After Speroni the next man was Fraser Forster of Southampton. He had a road match up with QPR which kept his ownership down. He was still a very good play against a weak attacking side and he came through again. He was the priciest of the top 3 keepers and finished with 16 DK points for a nice score and quality value today. The third man on the list is Sunderland’s Costel Pantilimon. This guy has been sneaky good for a long time now and we is still cheap and low owned (11%). He had six saves and gave up a goal, but was able to finish with 12 DK points. Any of these three were the guys you wanted and needed to get to the top.


We had three defenders that you wanted on your team if you expected to make some money this weekend in a very low scoring environment. When the scores are low a 5 or 6 DK point day from your D rarely cuts it. Big points from defenders can carry you to big money and this low scoring week was no exception. The top scorer on the day was Chelsea Defender Branislav Ivanovic. He had one of the goals for Chelsea this weekend and getting a 10 point boost for a defender is key in the DKFC. Ivanovic is a steady performer and while you do need to pay up to get him, you can not complain about his results or consistency. It’s no secret either as he was 25-35% owned in various tournaments and you tend to see that near weekly. The next best play was Everton Defender Seamus Coleman. He was closer to 10% owned all over and not too expensive. He played the late game and finished with 13 DK points making him a top value play as well. He had a few shots and a few crosses and really jumped a few guys up the leaderboards when Everton kept their CS against Liverpool. The third double digit point producer was Southampton’s Nathaniel Clyne. He always has a bunch of crosses and adding the clean sheet bumped him up to 10 DK points which was very helpful to quite a few top rosters. He too was 20-30% owned and was a top option on the day. These were the names that carried most of the top 10 rosters to the promised land.


We had a slew of players score between 7-10 points on Saturday but only two guys who got over that. One was 31% owned in the largest pool Nutmeg and was on every one of the top 10 rosters. That was Chelsea’s Eden Hazard. He scored a goal early on his way to a 15.5 DK point day. He was the top scoring midfielder, but not the best value at $9100. It was still a good idea to pay up for him today, but the honor of best value went to his teammate Willian. He finished with less DK points at 14, but at his $5500 price that was a great return. Many people spent up at MF and F to roster guys in the Liverpool/Everton game, but when that finished scoreless it was obvious all the top plays were going to come from Chelsea’s side. Their teammate Oscar, Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling, Man City’s Silva and Nasri are all guys that fell below the double digit line today and were highly used. Hazard and Willian were the way to the top.


Sadio Mane or bust should be the theme for this week. If you paid up for a Forward you were very likely disappointed. Mane finished with a week high 21.75 DK points. It was his fifth straight double digit game and he is now averaging over 16 points per in his last five. The secret is out as he was 20% owned at the lowest levels and cost only $6K. If he remains at that price the ownership will definitely go up now. The other cheap forward who is flying a little more under the radar is Jermain Defoe. He is also only 5900 and the new Sunderland Frontman added a goal for the second straight game. His price too should soon rise, but if not take advantage. He was the easiest decision I made in my roster this week and I’m hoping I get to do it again if the price doesn’t skyrocket. He finished with 13.75 for over two times his salary and was a great cheap option to roll out today. When 60 of the people were on Aguero who finished with 3.75 and another 22% had Drogba at a big fat zero then you know it’s not going to be out of the question that there was a lot of bad scores. Other than those two mentioned, we really had no other guys to consider that highly. It was a shorter slate than we usually see with the mid week games coming up Tuesday. Sometimes when that happens and a big chalk play or two whiffs then you get a low scoring week like we saw here today. It was less about having all the studs as it was about avoiding the landmines. If you were able to do that then you probably cashed in your GPPs.