Tournament Soccer Alert

We had a very low scoring week in the DKFC with scores barely over 100 reaching the top. That will tend to happen when there’s a smallish slate and some of the big ticket guys underperform. Soccer action will be back Tuesday with some champions league games on the slate. Be sure to check out all the action here in some of the tournaments offered:

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Position Breakdown

Goal Keeper

We really only had two goalkeepers whose names were popping up often on the top rosters and both of them were chalk plays Saturday. The top scorer was David Ospina of Arsenal. He made four saves and kept a clean sheet on his way to 18 DraftKings points for the day’s high at the position. He was around 20-30% owned at most price points and returned solid value at only $5600. The other option that made a lot of sense and was just as useful was Kelvin Davis of Southampton. He is actually their #2 keeper, but with Frasor Foster out, he has ascending to the top spot on one of the stingiest defenses in the Premier League. I was expecting him to go off under the radar, but we have a lot of shrewd DKFC participants and his ownership was north of 40% in spots. In some larger buy ins with small fields he was north of 50% owned and was very well used in 50/50s and cash games as well. He made three saves in his clean sheet win and finished with 16 DK points on the day at $5100. It was about the same value as Ospina, so they were both fine starts if you had either. Ospina had a few more points and was lower owned, so he gets the nod as top keeper, but it’s much closer than any other week based on the price difference for value.


We actually had quite a few double digit scorers at defense this weekend and one noticeable miss. Kieran Trippier finally failed to reach double digits with only 7.75 points on Saturday. For those who read this column, I mention every week he should be on your radar and this was only the second time in two months that he missed that mark. He didn’t hurt you this week with a useable game, but he was not the big scorer and he was finally over 40% owned in most spots. The high scorer on the day was Aaron Cresswell. He had a tougher match up, but was able to pick up an assist and stats in every other category to finish with 15.75 on the day. He was a little pricey, but returned the top score overall. The best value was Patrick Van Aanholt of Sunderland who had an assist and a stuffed stat sheet (minus the Goals allowed Bonus) for 13.75 points. He was under 10% owned in most spots and only $3100. He was the best value play if you had him. Next in line was Danny Rose of Tottenham. He has been a great play in recent weeks as he loves to sneak up and help out in attack. He gets a few shot attempts and some crosses each game, so he’s always a guy you should look at. He had 11.5 DK points, but was pricier than other double digit scorers. Hector Bellerin was one of those guys who was a tad cheaper. He finished with 10.5 points thanks to the goals allowed bonus and was just as useful as Rose. Rose is the better player and has both more safety and upside in most match ups. Going forward i would look his way more then over to Bellerin. Toby Alderweireld of Southampton is the last guy I want to mention. He is not cheap at $4000, and needed the CS bonus to make the double digit mark, but he got both on Saturday and paid off his backers. Again though he would not be a guy I look out to repeat that number often without a clean sheet as he does little in the way of attacking.


The high scorer who almost assured you a cash in GPPs if you rostered him was Crystal Palace mid Yannick Bolasie. He had a hat trick, and added shots, crosses, and fouls drawn to finish with an absolutely monsterous midfielder score of 43.5 DK points. He did it at only $6000 and under 5% owned in most spots. He had a good matchup and was in the sweet spot price wise, so I don’t know how he went off so low owned. There were a lot of people on guys like Victor Moses, Jason Puncheon, Mesut Ozil, Wilfred Zaha, and Stuart Downing who all ended up around 7 points on the day. Bolasie is a guy who is consistently around the 10 DK point mark every game. His consistency made his price rise to almost $7000 at one point and then back down here to around $6000. At $6000 he is a great value again and while he is probably not going to come close to repeating this number again, he is a guy who should be on your radar with 8-15 points weekly almost a lock. The next guy we see was the late game hammer that made people some money and that was Aaron Ramsey of Arsenal. He had the only goal in that game against Burnley and finished with 14.75 DK points on the day and moved a few rosters into the money. The last guy who managed to make double digits and a top roster was Chris Brunt of West Brom. He had a few crosses and one assist finish with exactly 10. He was only $4900 on the day so he returned good value for a low cost.


This is where things got a little crazy on Saturday. The top priced guys whiffed badly in decent spots and the highest scorer on the day at the position was a $3000 must start player that DK has been slow to adjust upward. Harry Kane and Olivier Giroud have both been so good that they have seen their prices rise to over $10,000 each. They combined for 8.5 points on Saturday and sunk a bunch of rosters. They both happened to have a bad day at the same time, but i would still look to roll them out again in the near future. For the third time in four weeks, the man you almost had to have to make the money was Glen Murray of Crystal Palace. He added another goal and 2 assists to his recent tear through the premier league and finished with 28.25 DK points at minimum value. You may think this was luck, but over 60% of most large field GPPs would disagree with you. He was the highest owned player on the day and fresh off games of 17, 31, 4, 20, and 17. With scores like that in his last five I would have expected he was a $10,000 player this week. Instead he remained on the bottom rung and everyone was on him. I think we see him have the largest single week increase in DKFC history come Saturday, otherwise at any price under $8000 he is a plug and play in a good match up off his recent form. Alexis Sanchez was the next high scorer on the day as he had 17 DK points in his effort. He was pretty highly priced, so it was a decent if unspectacular return. The same can be said for Christian Benteke of Aston Villa. He had a goal for 14.75 and the game winner at that. Still at $7900 he was just an ok value on the day. The real key here was having Murray and avoiding the other two highly priced Strikers. If you did that as many top rosters did, you probably found your way to the other top options as Benteke and Sanchez were not low owned at all. They were lower owned than Giroud and Kane though, so that was helpful. Again though, if you did not have Murray, then make sure you check his price and do not make the mistake again if he remains $3000 for a sixth week.