We had a pretty high scoring week in the DKFC on the backs of some high scoring performances by some of the chalk plays across all buy in levels. We see quite a few guys this week that were easy to roster. By that I mean they were all owned around 20% +/- because each of them was in the $7k-$8k range that allowed you to take a few of them. Paying up was not really the way to go this weekend as the winning rosters seemed to be littered with these upper mid tier plays that all put up double digit points. When the highest owned guys at GK, Mid, and Forawrd all pay off like they did Saturday you will see some really nice rosters and scores approaching the 150 mark atop leaderboards. Let’s take a look at some of the winners and some of the guys who helped get them there.

Zuniwarrior had a score of 133.25 to take down this week’s equalizer and to get in the top 10 you needed 122. To put that in context we have had 3 weeks in the last 6 that 122 would have won. Old_T had the best lineup on the day across all buy ins as he took down the $2 Corner Kick with a score of 144.5. While that is not the highest score we have seen this season it is in the upper echelon.

Position Breakdown

Goal Keeper

When the highest owned Keeper has the best game on the day you tend to see scores start to creep up and that is what we had here Saturday. Adrian of West Ham has become a staple in EPL line ups lately. He had his 4th game of double digit points in his last 7 and DK has taken notice as his price has risen from around $4000 the past two months to 5300 now. It made little difference as his 18 DK point showing was the way to go and rewarded those who choose to stick with him and pay up. He was 20-30 owned across all buy ins and was the top play on the day. Another guy owned between 15-20% who had a good day was Lukasz Fabianski. If you choose him over Adrian it was not a disaster as he was able to get you 16.75. The sneaky upside play was Farsor Foster who matched the 18 we saw from adrian at under 3% across all buy ins. The last guy worth mentioning is Hugo Lloris who also chipped in 13 and was serviecable at around 10%.


It was not a banner week for defenders as most did not pay off. In fact there are only two guys who scored over 10 points and they were teammates who got the CS bonus for Southampton. Of course I am talking about the highly used pairing of Natahaniel Clyne and Ryan Bertrand. Both of these guys have become staples of DFS EPL as that Southampton team continues to surprise and the lock down defense is a big part of that. These two were the best combo to have on the day and very few rostered them both. Bertrand was the higher owned at all price points as people used him unpaired with his keeper or defensive mate more often. Other guys finished with 7-9 points and that list includes Aaron Cresswell, James Tomkins ($2000), Winston Reed ($2000), and Jose Fonte.  Those were the other useful players we saw most on top 10 rosters.


Here I think we should start with the man that was owned about 40% across all buy ins and that is Stuart Downing. He has shown himself to be a capable distributor for West Ham and is usually involved in all things positive stemming from that attack. He is as consistent as they come and as long as his price stays slightly below some of the glitzy names I will continue to roll him out. Man U’s Ashley Young broke out of the fun that has seen his price drop below $5K with a 19 DK point performance as one of the top value plays on the day. Young has been in and out of the lineup and moved around the pitch a tad lately. He had quite a few sub par efforts for fantasy purposes, but it’s nice to see a talented guy like him get back on track. Keep an eye on his price as he could continue to be a sneaky good play with upside and salary relief. Nacer Chadli and Erik Lamella are the other two guys who had good games. Lamela had 18 and chadli 11, so rostering any combination of those four mentioned really was a huge boost to your fantasy scores. Stephen Sessengon on West Brom was the low owned value guy that went off this week as he had 21.25. He was 2-3% owned and if you rostered him you got very lucky and should enjoy your free points here.


The discussion here starts and ends with Charlie Austin if you wanted to make the top 10. The hat trick from the red hot QPR front man led to a ridiculous 46 DK points on the day and by far the best value and raw score from any forward. He was 20-25% owned and at a cost of only $8400 was very usable in a balanced roster. Opposite him was Silvestre Varela for his opponent who also had another really good game at his price ($4800). He has seen his price rise 40% after a 13 DK Point performance last week at min salary and his 16.5 today did not disappoint for his backers. Andy Carroll had 18 points at around 20% ownership as well this weekend. His price jumped $2000 from the cheap $6300 tag he had last out. He now has 67 DK points in his last three and is starting to play like the man Liverpool thought they were getting when they threw an obnoxious amount of money at the young English striker. Tottenham’s Harry Kane is starting to round back into form. His price is rising as his talent and playing time begin to shine through after his injuries. He is healthy now and very usable, but watch out for his rising price as he is cracking into the upper echelon where you need really big games to pay it off. Graziano Pelle, Chris Bendteke, and Diafro Sahko were all useful this week as well and scored double digits. Charlie Austin was the must have, but many combo’s of the other guys mentioned helped different players reach the big money.

Boxing Day

As many of you know the Friday after Xmas the DKFC will be having a rather large soccer tourney to celebrate. I will be bringing you a preview of the matches for you to take your stab at the $25K prize pool which is one of the bigger ones we have seen in the DKFC in awhile. Check back Thursday for that run down and as always monitor the twitter feed to see who is in and who is out before kickoff.