We had another week of DKFC action go into the books and it was quite a packed one for those of us who play often. We had Champions League action on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week followed by two separate slates of EPL games on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Sunday’s slate was a small one with only two League games involved. Either you had the 3 goal explosion from Man City or you probably did not cash. The slate I wanted to discuss today is the Saturday one.

Clarkb17 took down the Nutmeg with a score of 133.25. Smackalicious took home the Equalizer with his score of 123 which just edged out the second place winner Pew_pew_pew who also entered that same line up in the Golden Boot and took down the top prize there with a 119.25. It was an average weekend as far as scores go with no one really going crazy and hanging a 30 or 40 spot up. Some of the top scorers were a little more under the radar, but none I would classify as an absolute punt. Putting together rosters of solid underpriced talent still seems to be a good way to reach the money in your DKFC lineups. Let’s take a look at which guys helped our winners get to the top.

Position Breakdown

Goal Keeper

Looking over the results from Saturday left me with only one impression of this position. It really did not matter much who you started. Man U’s David De Gea had the best score as he put up a 14. He was about 8-10% owned, so maybe the third or fourth highest used GK on the day depending on the price point. Burnley’s Tom Heaton and Adrian from West Ham each had a respectable 12 at slightly lower ownership then De Gea had. Mostly in the 7-9% range on ownership. Both of these guys cost $4300 in relation to De Gea at $5800. They were both slightly better value’s despite scoring 2 DK points less. The highest owned of the remaining players was Chelsea keeper Thibaut Courtois at 15-20% for $5700. He had 11 points making him the fourth best option on the day. He was more expensive then Heaton and Adrian and scored less then De Gea so any of the other three were better options.


The Nutmeg is the largest field DK soccer tourney each week and I mention this to illustrate just how important one player was to have this weekend. West Ham’s Aaron Creswell was the guy you needed to make the money. He was on 9 of the top 10 rosters in the Nutmeg, 7 of the top 10 in the Equalizer, and the top 2 rosters in the 18 man Golden Boot. He had a goal and a clean sheet on his way to a high score for the position of 24.5 DK points. He was 15%, 22%, and 38% owned across all price points and was one of 2 defender to reach double digits, let alone crack the 20 point mark. If you failed to roster him then you needed to make up an almost insurmountable 15/16 points from somewhere else. Some of the Usual suspects like Branislav Ivanovich, Carl Jenkinson, and Kieran Trippier were useful to pair with him as they all had 8.5-9.5 points. These were the guys seen most often along with Creswell on the top 10 rosters. One other player worthy of mention was a low owned Glen Johnson from Liverpool. Johnson was the only guy you could have had if you failed to roster Creswell as he put up 20 DK points on the back of a goal. He usually averages about 4 points a game with a range this season of 1-8. It was very lucky for him to reach this level and I would not count on it going forward. The West Ham pair of Creswell and Jenkinson have been the best value and highest scoring tandem lately so keep an eye on them when you make rosters if the match up is favorable. The pair have often combined for 12-20 points apiece on multiple occasions, so that is the kind of performance that can win GPPs when stacked with a GK on a clean sheet day.


We had a lot of average days from Mids on Saturday as guys like Eden Hazard, Stewart Downing, Oscar, Yannick Bolasie, and Cesc Fabergas all had between 7-9 points. Not horrible, but not usually going to win you a GPP either. The one guy who did have a day that could win you one was Gylfi Sigurdsson from Swansea. He provides service for this Swansea team as evidenced by his 8 crosses and assist. Every couple of games he will throw up a score around 20 DK points and help win someone a GPP. It’s not an every week kind of thing, but when you get him right at his mid range price point it can really help you out as it did this weekend. We did not see many other worthy performances out of the mid field spots. One guy who has been hot lately is Mile Jedinak of Crystal Palace. He now has double digit DK scores in 3 of his last 4 and at a price point of only $6400 currently. If he remains cheap you definitely need to consider him for salary relief as he has been one of the best values in the DKFC over the month of November.  The only other double digit mid field scorer of note was Wayne Routledge of Swansea who scored 12.5 DK points on the back of the 10 crosses he peppered into the box. He was cheap and low owned, but this is not an every week occurrence either so he is not someone I expect to continue the trend going forward.


As expected most weeks, this is where we saw some of the best scores. The top two scorers on the day were Man U’s Robin Van Persie and Charlie Austin of QPR with 22.25 apiece. Van Persie was only about 10% owned more or less across all price points, but Austin was a very popular choice at 30% or more. He has double digits in 7 of his last 8 and has seen his price nearly double from $4300 to $8000 in just two short months. He has hit 20+ on 4 of those outings and is now the key man in the QPR attack. Even with the price rise the 30% ownership says he is still considered cheap by the DKFC community. He was much less expensive than Van Persie and gets the title of best forward to roster for the past weekend. another good start was Burnley’s Danny Ings. He has not had less then 8 points in his last 6 matches which include two scores over ten and two over 20. He was still pretty cheap at only $6800 and at around 20% ownership was very useful. Swansea’s Wilfred Bony has seen his price come up to $8400 but has been over 15 DK points in 5 of his last 7, so he too is a useful player many guys rolled out. Andreas Weimann of Aston Villa now has double digits in 3 of his last 5 after scoring 13 Saturday, so at $5000 he is a guy who should be on our radars. Wayne Rooney also added 17, but he is just so damn expensive now that it was not really good value. It’s better then not having 17 points, but it really hinders your ability to round out a winning roster. Those were the major contributors to people’s success here. We got more action coming your way next weekend so keep these guys in mind.