What started out as one of the least exciting first half’s on an EPL slate turned into a frenzied finish with a few late goals really shaking up the leaderboards. No one was happy when they checked their scores at half time as six fixtures only generated 3 total goals in the first 270 minutes of action. Luckily the second halves produced some more fireworks, but overall the winning DKFC scores from Saturday were lower than usual. Only one club managed to score 3 goals, 3 others had 2, 3 had 1, and we had 5 clean sheets. One pair of clean sheets ended in a scoreless tie, so we also only had three goalkeepers with CS and Win bonuses to help boost the scores when the totals were tallied. Some higher owned players missed on Saturday with the main exception being Alexis Sanchez. This may have contributed to the lower scores as well. Let’s take a look at our top Performers.

Goal Keepers

Thibaut Coutois was highly owned at 30% across all buy in levels, yet finished with only 5 points on the day after allowing a goal. Therefore it was a day to go with the swerves as the top 2 GK on the day were both under 15% owned. Those honors go to Arsenal’s Wojciech Szczesny and West Brom’s Ben Foster. Both men held clean sheets and got a win bonus, but Foster had the best day for fantasy purposes. Foster had 5 saves to Szczesny’s 2 and finished with a DKFC GK high score of 20 to his counterparts 14. Foster was also owned about half as much as Szczesny with rates in the 6-10% range as opposed to 12-18% for the Arsenal keeper. This situation is a good example of the differences in choosing GPP and cash game plays. While Szczesny had the better chance for the clean sheet win, he also had a very easy day at the back and therefore the the top keeper was a guy who was called upon to make a few more saves in a game where he saw more action. Foster made the better GPP play while Szczesny uses in cash games were correct to deploy him there. Southampton Frasor Forster was also a Clean Sheet winner, but his one save gave him a total of 12 DK points making him the lowest of the usable GK we saw and again more of a cash game play.


The pair of backs on the outside for Arsenal were the guys to own on Saturday. Newly called upon England defender Calum Chambers had the best day. He finished with 29 DK points on the back of a clean sheet bonus, goal scored, assist, shot, shot on goal, and 6 crosses. Talk about stuffing a stat sheet. He was 13.9% owned for $4100 and was basically used mostly with a Arsenal GK/D/D stack. It’s his third straight game where he scored over 10 DK points and he should be on your radars by now. His teammate Kieran Gibbs also had a fine performance. He finished with the Clean sheet, an assist, 2 shots, and 6 crosses for 19 DK points. If you stacked the GK/D/D back line of Arsenal, you were rewarded with the top stackable score of 62 from that trio. Other guys who are worth mentioning include the Everton Duo of Leighton Baines and Seamus Coleman. Coleman had a clean sheet, 5 crosses, and a foul drawn for 11.75, as Baines stat line included a shot and 6 crosses with a clean sheet for 13. They are both pricey but very consistent. They again didn’t hurt you as they both proved a nice floor for your cash games. Be careful though as Everton does give up goals and CS bonuses are not their norm, so for that reason Cash game usage is dicey most of the time.


I saw five names pop up on top rosters more often then any others. Four of them had scores in the 20’s and none of them were off the board plays. Stewart Downing was the top one. He had a goal and an assist on his way to a 23.75 total. Eden Hazard and Oscar of Chelsea both finished right around 21 points as they were the two Goal scorers for the club. Victor Moses added one for his side as well, so he also finished with right around 21. Santi Carzola was the other guy seen often and he had 10.75 paired with Alexis Sanchez and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on most rosters he was on. Highly owned Dusan Tadic broke his streak of top performances with a pedestrian 6 points. His price has finally reached the elite level of some of the other top flight EPL mid’s, so he is no longer a no brainer. I still think he is as good a play as any other (not named Angel) at the position. It’s just now that his price is as elite as his talent you actually have to stop and think about it, rather then just plug and play.


we mentioned how low scoring a day it was it was with only 12 total goals and only one man scoring more then once. That man was Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez who was an absolute must own if you wanted to reach the top. He headed home a goal in the 70th minute to open the scoring and then added a second in extra time to top off his day. He had 36 DK points and was easily the top player at any position to have. He was 50% owned in some spots, so you can see how fading him probably cost you a cashing position if you did so. The second best day belonged to West Ham striker Enner Valencia who continued his string of good games by adding a goal and assist to his season totals. He finished with 23.5 DK points and was the second best option on the day. Aresenal’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and low cost Stoke striker Mame Diouf were the other two guys who were seen often. Diouf goal and 14 point performance at $4300 were welcomed, yet tough to predict. Those who rostered him at under 5% were rewarded for their brave play. I would not recommend trying to do that often as Stoke are a poor scoring side and you will be disappointed often. Chamberlain did not score or assist on a goal, but he fired in double digit crosses and those add up. When he does get an assist or a goal with that level of crossing action he could have a huge day so keep him in mind going forward, especially when you can pair him with Sanchez and Welbeck. The Disappointment despite a hot start was Evertone striker Samuel E’to who was very cheap, 48.3% owned, and had less then 2 points in his team’s last 70 minutes of action after starting off wit a quick 3+ Dk points. He sunk a few rosters although one or two with him snuck in the money at different price points.