The second week of DK soccer is now in the books and it was a glorious one for supporters of Chelsea. The boys from Stamford Bridge were the key to unlocking some money this week in DF soccer on DK. The tournaments were robust as they fell short of completely filling, but were over the breakeven point for the week to cover the prize pools. While the prizes were not as high as the first weekend, I think DK did a great job of matching demand and we should see these levels remain going forward. I also applaud them for making this week a Saturday only tournament. That allowed the money in the pool to be distributed in time for reinvestment into NFL football on Sundays and from those I spoke with about it, it seemed to be universally agreed that it was a positive change. Here’s the results from this weekend’s fixtures:

$5K Nutmeg $2 buy in

The Nutmeg has 2723 entries and was won with a score of 136.25 by theurbanboss. His team was very Chelsea heavy as was most of the top 10. Thibaut Courtois was the highest scoring keeper this week with a Clean sheet win that netted him 12 DK points. He was about 16% owned at $5000 for 2.4 points per thousand of cost. Willy Caballero, the Man City goalie taking the place of Joe Hart was the top value option as he had 9 points at only $3K of cost. Lukasz Fabianski is also worthy of mention as he put up an 11 for $3700 or 2.9 points per $1000. The defenders most seen on top rosters were the Chelsea pair of Branislov Ivanovic and Cesar Azpilicueta who had 12 and 12.75 respectively for $4100 and $3500. The only other big scorer was Ryan Bertrand whose goal gave him a 16 point day at $4000. Ivanovic and Bertrand were the most popular pairing for those who did not go straight GK/D/D from Chelsea. In the midfield, Chelsea again was the way to go as Willian and Oscar weres seen on most if not all of the top scoring rosters. Both were great value as Oscar was 5.7% owned for $5K and scored 18.75, while Willian at 1.3% ownership had 28.75 for only $4700. Others of note include Southhampton’s Dusan Tadic who had another big game this week. He had 20.75 points for $6700 and was popular at 28% ownership. The only other middie worth noting is Angel Di Maria who was $10,700 and scored 11.5 points at 48% ownership. Up front with the strikers, we again had a Chelsea man lead the way. Diego Costa at $11,200 had 21.25 at 38% ownership. Edin Dzeko at $8300 got a start for Man City and made the most of it netting 2 goals and finishing with 29.5 at a low 6.2% ownership rate. Wayne Rooney had 17.5, Sadio Mane had 18.25, Diafra Sakho had 20.75, and Graziano Pelle had 14.75 to round out the attacking options we saw in the top 10. As for flex usage we saw five mids and five forwards on the top 10 rosters. We saw two people stack GK/D/D including the winner and 9 of the ten had at least one defender with the GK they choose. While only the winner and one other person had a stack of three upfront players from one team, 9 of the 10 top rosters also saw at least a mid and an attacker linked together. Di Maria, Tadic, and Costa were the most highly owned options up front to make the top rosters, but this week we saw no one reach the mythical 50% mark although Angel was close.

Overall it still seems like a good idea to stack GK/D/D and hope for a clean sheet so they all get the bonus. If you did not do that then you needed a goal by Bertrand to really equal the production of the Chelsea backline and we all know that goals from Defenders are not an every game occurrence. Bertrand and Cline were popular choices, but without the goal or the clean sheet bonus, your defenders did not do enough to warrant a top 10 consideration. Numerous strikers were able to find the back of the net, but to roster some of those high priced guys you needed to take guys like Willian, Oscar, and Tadic. The price on all three were nice as Tadic was the most expensive at $6700, yet still provided enough relief from the Di Maria’s of the world to allow you some extra cash to pay up at striker. Willian and Oscar were both %45K or below, so they were easily the top value guys here. If you are not able to be up an hour before rosters lock to check line ups, then you really should not play big money here as no one who made a roster the day before would have been on them or Edin Dzeko, since they are not the usual starters. With that being said, there are plenty of cup matches both domestic and continent wide going on, so there will be some back ups getting a chance to shine week in and week out. If you can not be awake to check them and make your changes before kickoff, then you are at a huge disadvantage.

$20K Equalizer $27 buy in

Theurbanboss took this one down with the same lineup as well. His 136.25 was tops again here. Half the rosters including the winner had Courtois and Ivanovic, and the same defenders that helped win the nutmeg were prevalent here. As we saw last week the ownership rates in the Equalizer were higher then in the Nutmeg for the top scorers only further proving that the higher the buy in the shrewder the players. Guys like Oscar and Tadic were twice as widely used at this level and even guys like Costa and Rooney saw an increase in ownership. Part of this might also be due to people throwing in more sub optimal contrarian line ups in the $2 Nutmeg, but you do definitely see sharper players in the higher buy ins based on ownership of the top dogs. We saw the same breakdown of flex usage here as 5 mid’s and 5 forwards were used in the top 10. As with the Nutmeg, the savings were seen in the midfield on guys like Willian, Oscar, and Tadic while more players paid up for forwards like Costa and Rooney and paired them with guys like Dzeko, Pelle, and Mane for some salary relief. While only two of the top 10 stacked GK/D/D those two finished 1/2 in the standings and 9 of the 10 here had at least one D with his Keeper. Upfront the pairing of Costa with the two cheap Chelsea Middie’s was seen on three rosters with Costa and one of them on four others. Dzeko had a huge game and was the man most used with any of them to get you to the top. Tadic was the man most seen at flex or mid to help with salary relief to fit in the big $ strikers.


In order to win, it is still advisable that you stack GK and D and then save money by rostering guys in good spots who are not usual starters. Willian, Oscar, and Dzeko were all great value for the roles they had Saturday as guys who usually come off the bench getting a spot start. Some of the big guys like Di Maria, Rooney, and Costa are great starts anytime they play, but Dzeko is in that same class despite usually playing second fiddle to guys like Aguero on his own team. If Aguero went down, Dzeko would be a $9500-$11000 player and Oscar would be in the $7-$9K range too, so take advantage of these deep teams at the top of the table who have back ups that would be stars on some of the smaller clubs. Last week you had to pay up for Mids with guys like DiMaria and Sterling having the big games with some of the Value strikers coming through. This week was the opposite with some of the value mid’s playing huge and the top priced guys at Forward were needed. It will be interesting to see how this trend plays itself out going forward. As for now, roster construction wise both have shown to be equally as adept at getting you to the top of the table. It’s only been two weeks though, so temper making any rash judgements. I still think with a larger sample size you will see that paying up for a Mid that can score will yield higher scores over the long haul and at a much more predictable rate. Remember DK has Champions League stuff starting Tuesday this week as well, and that’s a whole new puzzle to unlock for those of us who care to try.