Don’t worry there are no spoilers here. I promise that this is a spoiler-free zone, but if you still haven’t seen the latest Star Wars movie, then honestly you have no one to blame but yourself.

Monmouth’s men’s basketball team has been on fire this season. Not the team on the court, the bench.  They’ve “broughten it” when it needs to be “broughten.”  And the force is strong with this bench.

Just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock with no wi-fi or cell phone signal. Odell Beckham and Josh Norman got into a fight that lasted a whole football game last week. And I wouldn’t call it professional. But the Force they awakened was the League’s front office and it’s wrath was mighty.

Essentially, there are two schools of thought on this tussle. People that hate Beckham and those that kinda hate Beckham. I’m in neither camp, simply because I thought both Beckham and Normal should have been thrown out of the game and should have sidelined for this week’s games. But Beckham caught the short end of the punishment stick – he sits for one week and Norman caught a dent to his bank account by about $22K.

So yeah, that’s about it. No more controversy, right?

Oh wait, yeah, we have yet to play all of this week’s games. Meh, I’m sure this won’t come up anymore from pre-gme shows. I’m sure they have plenty of other stuff to talk about. I’m sure we’ve all put it behind us. #dreaming

This really puts a special twist on the season long legues. Especially those of us who have Beckham on our teams. I’m weeping for my championship chances this week as it hits home in a very strange way for me. You see my wife and I are playing against each other for the championship in two of our leagues and we both had Beckham, each in one of our leagues. So it’s been an awkward Christmas week to say the least.

Not to be even more outdone by this cray-cray week, the Redskins released RG3. So what you say, he hasn’t been relevant for years and it looks like Kirk Cousins is getting the QB spot in Washington anyways.

The surprising thing is that RG3 could find a spot back in Texas for either the Cowboys or Texans. I sincerely hope he does not go to the dark side and fall under control of the Emperor of the Dallas Cowboys.

Speaking of a force to be reckond with, Raiders Defensive Back Charles Woodson has announced he is retiring after 18 years in the league.

If you avoid the Dagobah Swamp that is Philly’s sports then you might have missed the twitter spat the 76ers and Eagles hit off this past week.

Then we had the Philadelphia Yodas.

Some Philly fans had little patience for the twitter spat and reminded the teams winning should be their game.

Just in case you’d like to see how the top x% of the international football stars lives, Ronaldo gave us a impromptu peek into his Madrid home.

I never knew one man could have so many mirrors in his house. But it was missing one thing as far as I could tell.

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