With a chill settled across the land, we now find time for one of the greatest seasons of the year. Ugly Christmas Sweater Season.

DeAngelo Williams has one for you.

If you’re one of the lucky ones that picked him up when Le-Veon Bell went down, then share some joy all proceeds go toward a good cause.

Personally, I look good in Carolina Blue…in case you were wondering.

Speaking of potential Christmas parties, if the following clip is any indication…I want to go to ESPN’s.

Last Thursday you saw it. We’ve all seen it. It was perhaps the most exciting end to a Thursday night game we’ve seen all season because RAH-JUHS was on point with a little pre-game ball-spinny-thingy.

And right when Lions fans were about to celebrate a win against a hated rival it was RAH-JUHS to RAH-JUHS.


The Internet noticed too.


On to basketball. This season the Warriors remain unstoppable and Kemba Walker might need to wash his mouth out with a little soap.

I don’t blame you, Kemba. I’d need twelve guys to help me guard Stephen Curry.

But I wonder if Brandon Knight filed a flight plan with the FAA before taking off for this dunk.

If you had doubts about Kevin Durant, please drop them in the recycling bin because the Slim Reaper is back.

Speaking of dunkin’ and being clutch, D-Wade’s son peppered his pops with some criticism about the lack of hops in his 33-year-old game. Evidently D-Wade took this to heart and proved it on the court this past week.

Speaking of old guys, Kobe just kicked off his farewell tour and even Philly fans paid their respects.

And with Week 13 and Fantasy Football Playoffs upon us…we must remember something important this Sunday.


Till next time, I’m out like this guy.