Pivotal game 2s are tonight in the Kings Cup, with 4 teams trying to sweep into the Last Four.

You can follow the madness from the Kings Cup landing page and we will also link to each individual game center (below).

In game 1 of the Final 8, McLuvin took care of gcnmoo, UtahCubs pulled an upset win over TheTakeOver, aejones beat CSURAM88, and COREE27 continued his winning ways over teddyguindi. All four of those winning teams will have a chance to get to the Last Four tonight. Should there be a rubber-match, that will be after we take a week off for the FBWC and FHWC this week.

Below are the individual links to each matchup for Tuesday, March 15th:

gcnmoo vs McLuvin

UtahCubs vs TheTakeOver

aejones vs CSURAM88

teddyguindi vs COREE27