Here at DraftKings we’re continuing to make it easier than ever to play Daily Fantasy Sports with your friends! With our latest iOS app update (v3.0.30), which is now available in the App Store, we have introduced Friends with Lineups.

Friends with Lineups lets you see which of your DraftKings friends have drafted lineups for the same start times as you, so that you can challenge them to contests with a single tap. First, enter a contest or create a lineup for the game set of your choosing, then navigate to the upcoming tab and view your upcoming lineups. You will see any friends who have a lineup for that same game set (see example below). You can simply start a league or challenge your friend head-to-head!

It’s important to note that only your mutual friends will be able to see the start times for which you have lineups ready to play. That means if someone has added you as a friend on DraftKings, but you have not added them as a friend, they won’t be able to see if you have a lineup.

Don’t have any mutual friends? No problem! Start by adding friends from the app home screen – you can search by your friends DraftKings username, or invite anyone in your contacts. Also, to help you create more mutual friendships, we will start sending notifications when someone adds you as a friend, with the option to quickly add the user back with one tap (see example below).