Most people probably wouldn’t describe hockey players as “refined”. They very well could be the toughest of any professional athlete but they’re also by far the craziest. This weekend, Washington Capitals Prospect Stanislav Galiev exhibited a whole new kind of crazy while vacationing in Vietnam.

The only way to shake an unrefined reputation is to immerse yourself in every cultural aspect possible right? Well for Stanislav, that meant eating some stuff that would make even the Bash Brothers run away screaming. Anyone ready for the appetizers?!



Just had a scorpions for appetizer…. What???? #vacation #Vietnam

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Uhhhhhhh. HARD pass. One of the undisputed times where judging a book by its cover is absolutely correct. Also the first time in my life I’ve been uninterested in food on a skewer. Stanis confirmed they taste like iodine aka THE WORST so let’s just move onto the main course shall we?

Really hope it’s something good.. nothing worse than driving 17 hours and getting a subpar dinner at the end.

Wait did you say the entree is COBRA HEART? Uhhhhhhh





HOW WAS HE SO UNAFFECTED BY THAT? It’s like he eats cobra hearts for breakfast or something…






Guess the important thing to remember here is the only people crazier than hockey players are Russian hockey players. Also I will never ever be visiting Vietnam like ever.




PS: That is an AWESOME shirt.