Russian Hockey has been killing it in so many ways recently, it’s hard to keep up.  They’ve done just about everything other than actually kill someone on the ice.  I’m sure that’s not far off and my fingers are crossed the flying laser bears are involved somehow. Until then the Russians will settle for their goal scoring skating bear…



Well shit.  Not only is that bear better on skates than me but he’s got a laser rocket slapshot too. I wonder who taught him that? Oh wait




You might remember Supreme Leader pouring in 6 goals last year and this time he was even better.  Bear cuddling and vertical treadmill sprints have increased Putin’s skills SO much.  8 goals! 8! All hail!



And clearly Greatness runs downhill in Russia because their national team was FULL of it this weekend.  At the IIHF World Championship, the most well regarded global hockey tournament, Canada beat Russia 6-1 to win gold.  Despite sticking around for the medal ceremony, Russia LEFT THE ICE before Canada’s National Anthem was played.


Apparently Ilya Kovalchuk convinced everyone to peace out. I wonder where that order came from…