I don’t know why but every pump up video the NHL puts out makes me feel like a straight up Spartan beast. Ready to run through a Zamboni and crunch anyone I see into the boards with reckless abandon. I bet Stammer and Kaner are putting this on repeat until tomorrow night too. Locking in their laser beam focus to craft some nifty stickwork hocus pocus. Arguably the two most exciting “what the hell did he just pull off” players in the NHL plus great defenders on each side AND two of the best young goalies in the game. Whatever advice David Stern gave to Gary Bettman about getting salacious Finals matchups worked bigtime.

I’d be shocked if this isn’t a 7 game series with some CRAY CRAY stuff going on in between. Could have a game where 12 goals are scored that’s what these teams are capable of. Gonna be very tough picking a winner here so I’m gonna acquiesce by judging if off the fanbases. Who IS bringing the thunder for the next 2 weeks?






Tampa you can cheer all you want but until you have a catchy ass song to groove too, it’s gonna be a tough hill to climb. Also deep dish, all of it. GIVE IT TO ME CHICAGO… Hawks in 7!



Also this. #HockeyPastor needs to start praying for lightning like yesterday