We head into the weekend with four games as the playoffs continue as the Game 2’s take center stage in the conference semifinals.

For those wanting to take it easy, here is a “low stakes” type of GPP just for you:

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Henrik Lundqvist ($8800) – This is just the way to go as there is no way Lundqvist loses two in a row at home against Washington. It is not like the Swedish goalie played poorly as he made 27 saves in the last second Game 1 loss. Think of this as a way to increase your bottom line. We think a shutout is unlikely but probably one or two goals allowed is rather reasonable. Start as a moderate risk.

Frederik Andersen ($8700) – Honestly Anderson has won nine of his last ten starts, so if you are looking for a likely win, this may be the way to go. In those last ten starts, Andersen only has a .920 save percentage but considering that the goalie faced only 24 shots in Game 1, dangerous chances were not all that abundant. If Jiri Hudler cannot go, that only helps Mr. Andersen.

Others to Consider: Carey Price ($9400), Corey Crawford ($8200)


Ryan Getzlaf ($8900) – Ah so Game 1 was a top line bonanza for DFS owners as Getzlaf had a goal and three assists. Do not expect this in Game 2 but then again, Calgary may have few answers here for the size and dexterity of that first line. Calgary also seemed vulnerable on the penalty kill against Anaheim and that was a bad sign. The Ducks were able to score timely power play goals against Winnipeg too and Getzlaf was a big reason for that.

Derick Brassard ($4500) – The Rangers had their chances but in the end guys like Brassard were simply stopped by the toes of Braden Holtby. That happened to the center twice and let’s face it scoring goals against the Capitals is rather difficult in the playoffs with a 100 % healthy Caps goalie. Game 2 could be the Rangers blip so to speak as the Saturday afternoon game could prove to be kind here. He is a nice value even at a high risk.

Others to Consider:  Nicklas Backstrom ($5800), Alex Galchenyuk ($4200), Brad Richards ($4600) — Consider Jonathan Toews as a low to moderate risk as well. 

Values: Matt Stajan ($2900), Cedric Paquette ($2900)


Alex Ovechkin ($9400) – Clearly Ovechkin does not suck as he had a goal and assist in the 2-1 win over the Rangers in Game 1. This would be a higher risk in Game 2 but there is a moderate probability of more goals in Game 2 so the chances that Ovechkin gets another goal would be more elevated than normally expected. Naturally this increased point potential could backfire but then again it could pay off too.

Corey Perry ($9100) – We go big or go home here! Perry had two goals and two assists with two power play points during Game 1. Even if Perry produces half of that in Game 2, that is a very productive night. Special teams is where Anaheim has real potential to make a killing in this series as the size of Anaheim is very tough for Calgary to combat. They will have to make adjustments. In the meantime, Perry could shine in Game 2 again.

Others to Consider: Patrick Kane ($8600), Jason Pominville ($6300), Nikita Kucherov ($4600), Jakob Silfverberg ($4900), Chris Kreider ($4100).

Values:  Justin Fontaine ($2900), Bryan Bickell ($2700).


P.K. Subban ($7800) – This is where I do want to take more risks on the defensive side of the slate. Tampa Bay does have a below average penalty kill. Therefore, Montreal should have chances and a better power play point potential. Considering they were 1-20 in Round 1, there is no way for Subban to go but up. Yes, the cost is high and so is the risk but we have taken worse gambles in the grand scheme of things.

Victor Hedman ($4900) – You have to think Hedman at a lower price here is quite reasonable. There is the chance that he could excel on the road in Game 2 as we use the second game adjustment defense. Hedman is going to find a little more space as well. If his shot hits the net more then the chances increase that he gets a point in Game 2. He is a moderate risk start at below DraftKings average.

Others to Consider: Mike Green ($4400), Andrei Markov ($4500), Dan Girardi ($4300), Francois Beauchemin ($3800)

Values:  Matt Dumba ($2900), Marc Staal ($2700).

Thanks for reading guys, and hopefully the picks help you out. If you have any questions, fire them away at me on twitter @ChrisWasselDFS, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Good luck this weekend!