Welcome to Forever


Even without a dog in the fight tonight I am so friggin fired up right now. Now I understand why that maniac got Chris Kreider cut into his hair. Now it makes sense why a pastor would use God’s name in pun vain and risk eternal purgatory. It’s all about the name.

By the end of Game 7 there will be a new name gloriously etched into the annals of history. Never forgotten and always praised. I’d really hate to be the other guy. A name made into the neverending butt of a scapegoat joke. Those two men are in Madison Square Garden right now. The mood is TENSE. If I had to guess how they’re feeling right now? There are no words.


Game 7 Lightning at Rangers TONIGHT 8 pm


PS I don’t know why Liev Schreiber’s voice + slow motion highlights + piano is the best combination ever but it just is. He could narrate the most mundane aspects of life and turn them into inspirational glory.