Things are getting crazy in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and somehow cray crayer in the Estevez household. Emilio Estevez was FIRED UP about his old squad and got so ducking frunk he just had to let the whole world know about it. Mr. Flying V aka Mr. Boombastic Gordon Bombay take it away sir!




  Such a power move putting in a hashtag of yourself as a fake character but not having it work as an actual hashtag. Bombay is wasted just the way we like him and probably getting Twitter advice from Donovan McNabb.



It’s unconfirmed whether Emiliooooo was paid per cliche quote or just in wine. Jan told me it was wine


More Disney quotes means more Disney wine BABY BLUE BIRDS FLY TOGETHER TOO EMILIOOOOOO




Emilio is shooting out the flames of Hades with his hashtag game. Motherducking trendsetter EMILIOOOOOOOOOO




Barkeep two for me and my brother please