What does it take to become the Keeper of the Stanley Cup? Could be something that is easily Google’d but I feel like its a more obscure vetting system than the League of Shadows. Stuff you bury deep down and can’t talk about at dinner parties. Or maybe you just have to be a white glove connoisseu…either way it must be hilarious seeing this everytime you travel.



It would be so freakin hard not to whip it out of the case and walk through the metal detector just struttin. Oh whoops my giant metal cup set off the alarm shit I had no idea it’d do that. Also did you know this is the Stanley Cup and I AM A HUGE DEAL!!!! Hey wait a second NO ONE PUTS STANLEY IN THE CORNER!


And while the Stanley Cup chillaxes in Chicago, everyone else in the city is going completely nutty for tickets to Game 6…



Another example of why hockeys fans are the best/absolute savage maniacs. Gonna be cray cray in the Windy City tonight folks



Game 6 is tonight at 8 pm