Your latest installment of #McDanglesPB featuring Connor McDavid at the @biosteelsports #CAMP. #Hockey #NHL #Awesome #McDavid

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Connor McDavid may be the only person on Earth thinking about hockey right now but gotta say he’s doing a damn good job doing it. Wasn’t a surprise the Oilers drafted him #1 Overall however it is pretty surprising seeing him dazzle n’ dangle like an All-Star before his career even starts.

Safe to say billionth time’s the charm for the Edmonton Oilers… they better figure out how to win with McDavid’s wrists/every #1 pick of the last decade. Otherwise I think it’s time to mount up the oxen, contract the entire organization, and head to the Yukon mountains. Like forever.





Think all the Edmontonites can keep the oxen and hay in the barn though. Connor McDavid is SO very down with the sickness..



PS: #DrinkThePink is the most ludicrous tagline for a sports drink EVER.