The #2 NHL Draft Pick aka Jack Eichel has been lighting the league on fire since he debuted last week. He scored Buffalo’s only goal in the season opener and as if that wasn’t enough now the 18 year old is already putting the team on his back, absolutely killing the two-way game. After being completely abysmal for about the last decade, it’s nice to see Buffalo have something to root for (other than RKOing each other at Bills tailgates).

Not to be outdone, the #1 pick Connor McDavid has decided to start napalming the NHL as well. McDavid got his first career goal on a dandy of a redirect last night, tying the game against the Dallas Stars. The Oilers lost in the end (have they ever not) but much like Buffalo there’s a lot to be hopeful for in Edmonton. Sit back and get ready to enjoy a decade of this ya hosers!