Derek Carr throwing headshot gas 

😂😂😂😂 this was the first one… Poor Marcus.. Haha

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Twins prank bullpen coach with a surprise airhorn attack


One you should see coming and the other completely out of the blue. Either way an incredibly uncomfortable experience. I’m always hesitant to do loud shocking pranks with people over the age of 50. Real good chance they get so spooked n’ startled that they straight up have a heart attack right in front of you. Not the best look for a wannabe joker.

Tough call though considering Derek Carr is throwing absolute HEAT on these throws. Practicing the ol 101 mph Favre Slant to perfection. Well at least until he figures out how to avoid hitting the Go-Pro guy. Regardless, props to Derek for being the first Oakland Raider in decades to practice fundamentals.



In the end I’m gonna choose the airhorn surprise mainly because they made the mistake of doing it in the clubhouse. Do you know how many weapons of retaliation are in there?? Might as well be a Super Smash Bros level. PING!