Another Wednesday means another Would You Rather…. today it’s Bees Vs. Footballs


Covered in 1.1 million bees like it ain’t no thang




CFL Long Snapper guns one for a headshot


Have you ever seen so many freakin bees?!? Good lord that is demented. Important point to consider..if you choose having a million bees cover you; you can elect to be given as many cigarettes needed until full bee completion. I’m not a smoker but that would be a pretty boss profile picture for Facebook.

The long snapper merely wants to show off his accuracy but do you really trust a guy in the CFL? If he really was a master of his craft I’d be watching him on Sundays not Vine replays in May. Clearly he has no grasp on where that football is getting chucked and that means accidents. Marsha Brady style face wrecking follies. Um no thanks I need my face. Like everyday. I also need sweet Facebook pics so somebody call Nic and get me my damn bees!


PS Texas Forever