He’s baaaaaaaack!

Did you miss Nate Robinson? You know, THAT Nate Robinson? Once the NBA’s darling 5’9″ Slam Dunk Champion?

Well he’s making a comeback – just not in basketball.

This just in from the Washington Post:

Believe it! You may not know this, but Robinson actually DOES have football ties and geographic ties to Seattle.

A Seattle native, Robinson was a two-sport athlete as a freshman in basketball and football while he attended the University of Washington. In his lone collegiate football season, Robinson made two interceptions and 34 tackles while playing cornerback for the Huskies on the gridiron and point guard on the hardwood. Still just 32 years-old, Robinson recently finished a productive season abroad playing in Israel, though he did make two appearances for the New Orleans Pelicans in 2015-16. With his dreams of a return to the NBA on the back-burner, Robinson has long expressed interest in a return to football.

While he’s no guarantee to make the Seahawks’ roster, this story will definitely be a fun one to follow throughout the training camp. The home-town kid returns and makes the Seattle squad AND is a former NBA player and Dunk Contest Champion. Amazing.

That got us thinking – which other five current NBA players should get an NFL tryout?

LeBron James


This one seems plenty obvious. LeBron is another current NBA player with prior football experience. Over the course of his two-year high school football career, James was an elite all-state receiver, catching 23 touchdowns on 103 passes for 2,065 yards. There’s no doubt James has the size or the athletic ability to make it as a starting tight end in the NFL. I’ve heard there’s a Cleveland-based football team that could use some help?

Draymond Green


Draymond and LeBron back-to-back? We’re just trying to stir up trouble… But seriously, Green is another NBA player who could be a difference maker in the NFL. A former high school tight end, Green tried out for Michigan State’s football team as a junior, but ultimately decided basketball was where it was at. With his athletic ability, emotion, and willingness to grind it out for the benefit of his teammates, Green has the makings of a star defensive end.

Kawhi Leonard


Sugar K seems to have the skills to make it as a top-notch wide receiver, namely on the count of his absolutely gigantic hands. Those monsters, which measure in at 9.8 inches long and 11.3 inches wide, indicate that Leonard could and would catch every ball thrown his way. You thought Odell Beckham Jr. was impressive making one-handed catches? There’s no doubt that could be a regular occurrence if Leonard is snagging throws. Leonard played football as a DB up until his freshman year of high school before putting on the pads became too much for him. He’s done well in basketball, we think.

Rajon Rondo


Rondo’s long been a believer that he could have made it in the NFL as a quarterback – and for good reason. While Rondo doesn’t have the physical makeup of an NFL player, his huge hands and elite passing ability make it easy to believe the transition could have been smooth. He wanted to play football when he was younger before he realized he didn’t have the size. Rondo has also claimed that he could beat Chris Johnson (during his CJ2K days) in the 40-yard dash. With all those triple-doubles he put up last year in Sacramento for a losing effort, who knows, maybe he should make a call…

Giannis Antetokounmpo


What is there that Giannis can’t do? He’s been a forward, he’s been a point guard, he’s been just about everything so far in his young career for the Milwaukee Bucks. It’s that sheer athleticism and adaptability in itself that could make Antetokounmpo an NFL star that could potentially play both sides of the ball. Could you imagine him throwing passes to himself, scoring touchdowns, and then immediately heading back out to make some tackles? The only part of this that makes it unlikely? Fitting Antetokounmpo on the back of a jersey would be brutal…