Drew “Dinkpiece” Dinkmeyer allowed DKTV to cover his million dollar sweat live. Dinkpiece entered Monday Night Football needing less than two points from Chicago Bears wideout Marquess Wilson to takeover first place. Dink also faced other challengers who had Saints players such as Pierre Thomas, or Nick Toon. It would be one of the most memorable Monday nights ever.

Wilson opened the game grabbing two catches, and Dinkpiece grabbed 1st place. It was going to be a long night as many threats loomed.


Early in the 2nd half, hhhammer1 slipped past Dink with a Pierre Thomas run.


Dink now needed his hometown Bears to save him. Specifically, he needed unheralded Marquess Wilson to get it done. The Bears drove down the field and creeped towards the goal line. Cutler dropped back, threw, and…..

WILSSSSSSSSSSON! Dink stormed back into first. Raw emotion erupted from DKTV’s Dave “SocrDave” Kitchen.

Dink now was in the lead, and just needed to hold in the 4th quarter. Led by his good friend Mike Leone, the guys decided to “milk the clock”.

As time ticked off the clock, it was clear Dink was going to hold on for the million dollar win. Dink’s Dad called in live for a very special moment. For everyone watching, it helped us realize how we all connect through DFS, and how great the DraftKings community is.

When the final whistle blew, Dink was overwhelmed by the moment along with the rest of us.

We laughed, we cried, but most of all— congrats to Dinkpiece, his family and friends.


The Winning Lineup


Cheering on Drew ‘Dinkpiece’ Dinkmeyer was a lot of fun last night, but we hope the next time we can be sweating it out with you on DKTV!