The Buffalo Bills are 3-2 but the Bills Mafia is currently sitting at 5-0. Whether it’s home or away they just simply cannot be stopped and honestly I’m starting to worry for all of them. NFL players take an incredible amount of abuse during the season but it is NOTHING compared to the crazyness Bills Mafia goes through every Sunday morning.

During Kickoff Weekend it was the dizzy bat dude, last week it was the RKO off a tailgate bed, and now this week it’s an ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT complete with ketchup and mustard on the side. With this type of escalation, I’m afraid stuff is gonna get REALLY out of hand.. like probably even by the trade deadline. Thank God the Bills never make the playoffs or else Buffalo would become a legit real life Arkham Asylum.

Seriously though, why isn’t there a reality show based solely on Bills Tailgates? Every television network should feel so much shame for missing out on this much magic…