NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans

With six teams on bye in Week 9, there are upwards of twenty fantasy-relevant players unavailable. When you’re drafting your daily fantasy rosters, you are going to seem to get to that part of the player list where no one is all that appealing more quickly than you’re used to. No one likes that moment of realization: there is no one here I really want to play. And you avoid that part of the list by avoiding the very top of the list too, so here are a few reasons why NOT to pick the most expensive guys available:


Arian Foster vs. PHI ($9,900) – When you are really deciding on a RB in a daily game, not just playing enough lineups where you can sample them all, it often comes down to predicting “gameflow”. One narrative for this game is that Houston is going to want to keep that fast-moving (in theory, anyway) Eagles offense on the sideline, and they are going to do it with Foster. But the alternative scenario has the Eagles being able to slow down the pass rush just enough to exploit a vulnerable secondary, meaning they get out to a quick lead and marginalize the Texans’ rushing attack. They Houston never gets back to it after seeing that Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins all of a sudden looked like Michael Irvin and Alvin Harper out there when matched up against this terrible Philly defense.

DeMarco Murray vs. ARI ($9,000) – Doesn’t this ridiculous run have to at least slow down at some point? Why couldn’t it be against the #1 run defense in the NFL? If Romo happens to be out, that only hurts Murray (dragged down along with the rest of the offense), so this really might be the week you want to avoid the most productive running back in fantasy (and real) football this year.

Andrew Luck @ NYG ($10,000) – Reggie Wayne hasn’t done much the last few weeks – other than demand attention when he’s out there, but maybe that’s enough. Without him, look, Luck is still good. But 20% of your salary cap good?

Peyton Manning @ NE ($9,800) – Sure, he could go out an pass for 350 yards and 4 touchdowns – he is certainly capable – but to be worth this price, he’d better.

Antonio Brown ($9,100)/ Demaryius Thomas ($9,000) – Instead of an argument against these guys, I’ll just give you an argument for a few others:

Andre Johnson vs. HOU ($5,500) – He saves you the an upgrade equivalent of Matt Asiata to LeVeon Bell compared to these top two. And he’s up against one of the – to be kind – most forgiving defenses in the league. And despite the success of DeAndre Hopkins (who isn’t a half bad choice here either), Johnson is leading the team in targets, and just needs to fall into the end zone a couple of times to be considered a clear Top-20 wideout.

Cordarelle Patterson vs. WAS ($4,800) – There’s obviously risk. But last week, he just generally looked more involved in the passing game than he has in the past. He is a game-breaking talent, so starting to see him get out into more routes is exciting. And Washington might not be a “green” matchup as you scroll down the WR list, make no mistake, they’re not good.

Rob Gronkowski vs. DEN ($7,600) – At almost two thousand bucks more than the second priciest TE, he is in a tier by himself this week. And why shouldn’t you start him? You don’t spend on Gronk because both tight ends in general and the Patriots specifically, are unpredictable. Plus, you can save $2,000 and still get Julius Thomas ($5,600) or Antonio Gates ($5,300).

Eagles @ HOU ($3,400) – The most expensive D on the board, and the highest scoring. I am not sure I remember the last time I would have recommended rostering the highestpriced D on the board, but it’s not this week. Not unless you like holding your breath waiting for defensive touchdowns.