If you are reading this after the weekend, then my TaunTaun has frozen long before I got to the first marker.

Honestly, I’m kinda done with the weather right now. The frozen water outside has fallen to such an extent that I can no longer see the bumper of my car. So, this leaves little else to do but spend some time with you, dear reader.

To celebrate the snowzilla currently pounding the mid-Atlantic, I am reminded that this Sunday there will be football. Two games to be exact.

Here we have proof that the NFL is bigger than anything else in the world. This also supports the idea that the Internet is a wild and wonderful place. An Austrian television channel, Puls4, has  pieced together a Star Wars themed preview of the looming Conference Finals this weekend. You should watch it.

Funny, I never pictured Peyton as a tie-fighter pilot but Brady is a total Sith.

Did Phil Simms crack one last week? You heard it. We all heard it. That was a fart. Even Cam heard it.

Hey Phil, I heard SpaceX needs help in the rocket booster department.


What a QBeast! Cam destroyed the Seahawks last week. He didn’t stop with the team and even took down the 12th man.


Many of us are trying to start off the new year with efforts to work out more and be healthier. Here’s a word of advice. If you do it, just do it. And don’t be like this guy.

I am all for dedication to practicing your shot, but this is ridiculous.

Speaking of picking your shot. Remember when you are at a basketball game, there are cameras. And cameras never blink.

You probably didn’t miss that one, but you might have missed this horrific example of patently awful defense from Kevin Love.


I’m not saying he was confused. I’m not saying I could play any better defense, but I’ve seen better defense from Garden Gnomes.

Speaking of awful defense. If you’re playing against Stephen Curry, you might want to guard him.


Evidently, LeBron is big into shoes. You might have wondered why he has his name splayed across half the kicks in the league. Turns out, Gemini Keez is a really good photographer. Like so good, he’s built a reputation on catching the finest snaps of the biggest kicks in the league. So much so, LeBron looks for him and gives him special access to snap photos of his size 15s.

In addition to kicks, I’m really into history. I love reading about all the nitty-gritty details that get lost over time. Which is why I love it when leagues dig up the weird and quirky.

We’ve all debated whether the current players could throw or run like Clemente. But can they shave like Clemente?

Till next time,