After a brief stint in Buffalo, Brandon Spikes is returning to the Patriots on a 1-year deal. The Pats have a need at LB with Jerod Mayo and Dont’a Hightower both returning from serious injuries, so signing a player at this position makes sense … but Spikes?

Sure, we get more shirts like the one above in New England next season, but things didn’t end well last time around with this relationship. Spikes was put on season-ending IR during the 2013 playoffs, something that he questioned given the nature of his injury (and was announced conveniently right after he was late to a team meeting).

So Spikes took to Twitter to burn some steam:


Welp, nothing to see here! Maybe just time to unblock some Mass holes, Brandon.

Oh, and also Spikes didn’t really understand why Aaron Hernandez was going to jail just last month.


I can’t think of a single way this signing could backfire.

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