Hello dear time traveling reader, yes, it’s been a while and time for yet another turn in our journey. Football is back. And to celebrate, this is an ALL-FOOTBALL EDITION. Yep, nothing else made the cut. Only football, folks. Please enjoy and share responsibly.

You know before I step into the sights of 300-pound defensive linemen, I’d like to know I was alive. Saints Quarterback Drew Brees evidently wrestled a crocodile to prove this and I found the video.

Two things. First, let’s poke everything with sticks! Two, Bear Grylls you stay away from my FANTASY FOOTBALL QUARTERBACK!!!!

Moving on, once many football players hit the professional level take those gigantic game checks and all that guaranteed money to the Bentley dealership. This is no longer true for all football players. According to Redskins Beat Reporter Jeff Darlington’s Instagram post, Redskins Running Back Alfred Morris is keeping it 100 with this fresh whip.

It appears that this little monster is a single speed too. I know professional football players are incredible athletes, but riding a single speed to and from practice is praiseworthy. Keep it 100, Alfred Morris.

You’ve seen it. The Braxton Miller #HUmanVideoGame spin move. Yeah, I’ve watched it numerous times. And now for the hype-video version.

Remember kids, double tap the circle button for the spin move. Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Up , Down, Down: for JJ Watt Mode.

With college football back on and the pros, this also means high school football is tuned up and humming along. I’ve got some clips of some epic plays right here.

It’s not every day you get to hurdle a defensive back. That’s some slow clap worthy stuff right there. But then I found this clip, and I wondered, did they plan this one?

With this past week, we said goodbye to the NFL Preseason. And with that goodbye also went one of my favorite shows on HBO: Hard Knocks.

But we have one last bit of glory to marvel at before I can close the book on the NFL Preseason.

US World Cup Champion Carly Lloyd dropped by the final days of Texans training camp to kick some balls with Defensive Lineman Vince Wilfork. Here’s the proof.

I never knew Vince could kick like that. Impressive. Most impressive.

Till next, time keep it 100.