There is always next week. Whether you win or lose, actually. Gotta love daily fantasy football.

Featured Tournaments

What:$2.2 Million Millionaire Maker

When: Sunday, November 16th, 1:00

*$2.2 Million in Guaranteed Prizes!

*A MILLION DOLLARS to the winner!

*92,400 total entrants

*Top 15,500 finishers cash out

Only $27 to play, and you could walk away rich. That’s really the goal, right? You don’t often get this good of a chance at that much money.

What: $250K Thunderdome Satellites

When: Main Event -Week 12, November 23rd, 1:00

*$250,000 in Guaranteed Prizes

*$100,000 Top Prize

*50 Total Entrants

*Top 9 cash out at least $10,000!

Win your way in for as little as $5. All you need is two good weeks.

What: NFL $200K Hail Mary

When:Sunday, November 16th, 1:00

*$200,000 in Guaranteed Prizes

*$25,000 To The Winner

*19,000 entries accepted

*3,800 winners

This one here is for when $27 is too rich for your blood, and you still want to get rich. $12? Take as many shots as you’d like at this one.

What: CFB $40K Tailgate

When: Saturday, November 15th, 12:00

*$40,000 in Guaranteed Prizes

*$7,000 to the Champ!

*1,680 total entries

*340 winners!

Because you love college football. Because you don’t feel like waiting for Sunday. Because you know you’ll be watching anyway. Because you want $7,000. Whatever.

What: CFB $10K Fumblerooski

When:Saturday, November 15th, 12:00

*$10,000 in Prizes

*$1,000 to the winner!

*2,300 entrants

*400 people get paid!

Only $5 to get in on the action, and it includes the whole slate of early Saturday college football games. You see how many points some of those teams score? That’s gotta make fantasy interesting, right?

What: NFL $50K Hail Mary

When: Thursday, November 13th, 8:25 pm

*$50,000 in prizes

*$5,000 to the victor!

*4,750 people in on the action

*950 of them win!

For when you can’t wait ’til the weekend.

And don’t forget to use our “Create a Contest” feature to put together head-to-head showdowns with your best friend, or archrival, or bring together 50 of your closest friends to see who can take home the ultimate bragging rights. No matter how (or who) you play, good luck!