We are three millionaires into the daily fantasy football season on DraftKings, so why not crown one more? A single lineup is going to win someone a million bucks this weekend, but lots of other lineups are going to win lots of other players lots of other money. I hope some of it heads your way. From the high participant tournaments listed here, to head-to-head matchups, and everything in between (50/50’s and triple ups, anyone?), there is a contest to fit every player.

Featured Tournaments

What:NFL $2.2MIL Millionaire Maker

When:Sunday, October 26th, 1:00


*$2,200,000 in Guaranteed Prizes

*$1,000,000 to the champion!

*92,400 total contestants

*Top 15,500 finishers walk away winners

Apparently people like the chance to win a million dollars. Who knew? Back by popular demand, the Millionaire Maker. Take a run at it. Why not?

What:NFL Sunday 300 Grand

When:Sunday, October 26th, 1:00


*$300,000 in Guaranteed Prizes

*$50,000 to the winner!

*1,667 total entrants

*350 total winners

$200 to play, but that fee comes with significantly improved odds. You might think, about the same percentage of players win in all of these tournaments, so why are my odds improved? Simple really, even if this contest brings in the elite, the odds of someone dropping the perfect lineup on you are so much less when there are only 1,700 entries. With almost 100,000 entries, a player who blows up with only 5% ownership is still on 5,000 teams.


What: NFL $200K Flea Flicker

When: Sunday, October 26th, 1:00


*$200,000 in Guaranteed Prizes!

*$20,000 to the winner!

*46,000 total contestants

*Top 9,260 finishers get paid!

I get it. If you’re gonna compete in a big contest, why not make it the Millionaire Maker? I mean, this one will ONLY get your $20,000 if you win. Why? BECAUSE IT’S $20,000 for PLAYING FANTASY FOOTBALL. And if you thought $27 was cheap, $5 works even better.

What: NFL $250K Hail Mary

When: Sunday, October 26th, 1:00


*$250,000 in guaranteed prizes

*$40,000 to the champ

*Only 23,750 total entries

*Top 5,000 all win!

What: CFB $40K Tailgate

When: Saturday, October 25th, 12:00


*$40,000 in Guaranteed Prizes

*$10,000 to the winner

*1,680 total contestants

*Top 330 finishers get paid!

This contest includes the early slate of NCAA football action on Saturday only. $27 to play, and you’re going to be watching anyway, so why not? Take advantage of your college football expertise.

What: CFB $2K Redshirt

When: Tuesday, October 14th, 8:00 pm


*$2,000 in Guaranteed Prizes

*$250 to the winner!

*1,150 total contestants

*Top 225 finishers take home some extra cash!

The real answer to why? Because 1. you love college football, 2. you love daily fantasy sports, 3. you simply cannot wait another day to get back in on the action. There are still spots left, and the contest begins in just seven short hours.

What:NFL $40K Gridiron

When:Thursday, October 23rd, 8:25


*$40,000 in Guaranteed Prizes!

*$7,000 to the winner

*1,680 contestants…

*and 340 of them get paid!

Plus, Thursday! Because you just don’t want to miss out on the offensive explosion you’re expecting between San Diego and Denver, or because you just can’t wait for Sunday. Either one is a good enough reason for me.

And don’t forget to check out DraftKings’ “Create a Contest” feature! Put together your own contest, and make it public! Or play a private game against your friends (nothing like another way to win bragging rights!). You can play for free, or for big money; you can take on your best friend (or archrival) in a head-to-head contest, or invite 40 of your closest pals. Have fun!

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