Maybe the best thing about daily fantasy is so many extra weeks of fantasy NFL football. But it’s not the only game in town. So get your fill of the NFL while you can, but check out some of the other options if you want help getting through a long off-season.

Featured Tournaments

What – CFB $200K Cash Bowl

When – Thursday, January 1st, 12:00 

*$200,000 in guaranteed prizes!

*$40,000 to the champ!

*Only 2,222 entries

*445 winners!

This is the headliner in a series of great contests to up the ante while you’re sitting around watching the college bowl season, and this one covers only January 1-2. But there are contests for every bowl game, with tons of cash prizes. 23 Bowl Games. 9 Contests. Make it count, starting December 27th, with the $500K College Bowl Series, presented by DraftKings.

What – NBA $200,000 Holiday Classic

When – Thursday, December 25th, 12:00

*$200K in guaranteed prizes!

*$25,000 to the champ!

*11,340 total entrants

*Call yourself a winner anyplace in the top 2,300!

The NBA on Christmas – it’s a tradition, like the NFL on Thanksgiving. Make winning money a tradition too.

What – NFL $500K Hail Mary Championship

When – Sunday, December 28th, 1:00

*$500,000 in prizes 

*$100,000 to the champion!

*47,510 competitors looking to make the most of Week 17!

*9,500 winners!

Sure, the other sports are fun, too, but there is still NFL action! And we are not neglecting it. Be careful of the minefield that is teams having nothing to play for, but you’re still left with plenty of options. And it’s only $12 to play, so you can keep some of that bankroll handy for, wait for it, playoff fantasy football. Gotta love it.

What – NFL $2M Touchdown Championship

When – Sunday, December 21st, 1:00

*$2,000,000 in Guaranteed Prizes

*$500,000 to first!

*Compete against 11,111 of your closest friends

*2,300 winners!

It’s week 17, but we’re not done making people rich yet.

What – NFL $250 Play-Action Championship

When – Sunday, December 28th, 1:00 am

*$250,000 in guaranteed prizes

*$25,000 to the victor!

*143,750 total contestants…

*… and 28,750 of them win!

You only get 28,000 winners in a contest that is only $2 to play. Why not
“win” this one a couple dozen times? It’s cheap enough to try, at least.

And don’t forget to use our “Create a Contest” feature to put together head-to-head showdowns with your best friend, or archrival, or bring together 50 of your closest friends to see who can take home the ultimate bragging rights. Take advantage of the last few weeks of football season or start honing your skills in the NBA so you can take on the big GPP contests once football is actually over for real! No matter which sport you play, good luck!