Three weeks left in the fantasy football (regular) season, but holy wow, are they an action-packed three weeks!

Featured Tournaments

What – $10 Million Fantasy Football World Championships

When – Weeks 15-17

“When” should just read RIGHT NOW. Over the next three weeks, DraftKings is awarding $10 million in prizes, and crowning a few more millionaires, because making millionaires is fun. It all culminates in the $27-to-enter $3M Millionaire Maker going down on Sunday and the $3.1 Million Main Event in Week 16. The Main Event is going to give a Million Dollar top prize and get TEN lucky winners at least $20,000. It’s $1,500 to play, but you can win your way in this weekend for as little as $12.  Only 2,250 people will be competing for that $3.1 million – if at all possible, you want to be in on that action.

What – NFL $3M Millionaire Maker Championship

When – Sunday, December 14th, 1:00

*$3 Million in Guaranteed Prizes!

*$1,000,000 to the champ!

*126K total entrants

*Call yourself a winner anyplace in the top 25,670!

Your final shot at winning a million bucks by coming up with one perfect lineup and just $27. It sounds easy when you put it that way. Bragging rights for days. And a huge pile of cash. Or a really big check, anyway.

What – NFL $300K Hot Route Championship 

When – Sunday, December 14th, 1:00

*$300,000 in Guaranteed Prizes

*$50,000 To The Winner

*Only 3,333 competitors

*730 winners

Is it worth a $100 entry fee to compete against a smaller player pool, increasing your odds at winning a smaller top prize, with the rest of the prizes more evenly distributed? Well, if you’re any good at math, yes.

What – NFL $25K Quarter Arcade Championship

When – Sunday, December 14th, 1:00

*$25,000 in Guaranteed Prizes

*$2,000 to the Champ!

*Compete against 117,600 of your closest friends

*23,665 winners at least double up that quarter!

The end is near. Get in on all of it. Did your account update with some refer-a-friend money and give you a buck or two? Take a shot. Win enough to get in on the championship round next week. Why not?

What – NFL $35K Flea Flicker 

When – Thursday, December 11th, 8:25 pm

*$35,000 in Prizes

*$6,000 to the winner!

*8,050 entrants

*1,600 people get paid!

Like I said, the end is near. Get your fill now, because fantasy football will be OVER in less than a month. So, start Thursday. Why not? Take a shot for as little as $5.

What – NFL $40K Touchdown

When – Thursday, December 11th, 8:25 pm

*$40,000 in guaranteed prizes

*$10,000 to the winner

*Only 223 opponents

*44 winners double their money!

For when a $5 contest on Thursday just isn’t enough.

And don’t forget to use our “Create a Contest” feature to put together head-to-head showdowns with your best friend, or archrival, or bring together 50 of your closest friends to see who can take home the ultimate bragging rights. No matter how (or who) you play, good luck!