The $2.5 Million King of the Beach tournament is going down this weekend, live from Atlantis. With only 50 contestants, though, chances are, you’re not in it. And if you are, congrats – maybe you should concentrate on that lineup, instead of looking at all this other stuff. I mean, FIVE guys are going home with at least $100,000.

Featured Tournaments

What – $10 Million Fantasy Football World Championships

When – Weeks 15-17

Thant’s right, $10 Million. Over three weeks, DraftKings is awarding $10 million in prizes, and crowning a few more millionaires, because why not? It all culminates in the $27-to-enter $3M Millionaire Maker in Week 15 and the $3.1 Million Main Event in Week 16. The Main Event is going to give a Million Dollar top prize and get TEN lucky winners at least $20,000. It’s $1,500 to play, but you can win your way in to both of these with qualifiers running every week until they kick off. And if you do win one of those qualifiers, you are NEVER going to get a better shot to win big (unless you happen to be in the King of the Beach contest Sunday). Only 2,250 people will be competing for that $3.1 million three Sundays from now – if at all possible, you want to be in on that action.

What – $1 M Sunday Million Special

When – Sunday, December 7th, 1:00

*$1 Million in Guaranteed Prizes!

*$200,000 to the champ!

*56,700 total entrants

*Top 12,125 finishers double their money!

No million dollar prize this weekend, but $20 for a shot at $200,000 sounds good to me too. And remember, this is the weekend BEFORE the World Championship Series starts. Yeah, the next four weeks ought to be interesting.

What – NFL Sunday 300 Grand 

When – Sunday, December 7th, 1:00

*$300,000 in Guaranteed Prizes

*$50,000 To The Winner

*Only 1,667 competitors

*350 winners

For when you’ve got a bankroll to spend. Why compete with the unwashed masses when you don’t have to? Just take advantage of the fact that for once the phrase “the rich get richer” applies to you.

What – CFB $15K Big House

When – Saturday, December 6th, 12:00

*$15,000 in Guaranteed Prizes

*$3,000 to the Champ!

*Only 83 total entries

*15 winners!

Because you need all the practice you can get. You need to get off the NFL bandwagon you’ve been riding for months with all the yearly leagues and daily games, and start taking a look at the college game in advance of the $200,000 Cash Bowl that will let you choose from each and every bowl game going on January 1st and 2nd.

What – CFB $2K Redshirt

When – Thursday, December 4th, 7:30 pm

*$2,500 in Prizes

*$362.50 to the winner!

*1,437 entrants

*300 people get paid!

With three games going on Thursday and Friday, this is just a chance to whet your whistle before the weekend. For a couple bucks, maybe you can pump up your bankroll for the weekend. Or maybe you went to East Carolina. Who knows?

What – NFL $50K Hail Mary

When – Thursday, December 4th, 8:25 pm

*$50,000 in guaranteed prizes

*$5,000 to the winner

*4,750 contestants

*950 go home a winner

Why wait until Sunday if you don’t have to? It’s not like the Thursday night Dallas-Chicago game doesn’t have a plethora of fantasy options, and who likes to have their choices limited? Not me, pal.

And don’t forget to use our “Create a Contest” feature to put together head-to-head showdowns with your best friend, or archrival, or bring together 50 of your closest friends to see who can take home the ultimate bragging rights. No matter how (or who) you play, good luck!